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The Sustainable Weighted Blanket Buying Guide

Thinking about buying a weighted blanket? Here are a few tips on how to shop sustainably when it comes to better sleep.

If eco-anxiety keeps you up at night, you’ll want to know you’re buying a weighted blanket that benefits the planet just as much as your mental health. In this buying guide, we’ll delve a little deeper into what makes our Nappers a sustainable choice for better sleep.

How eco-experts shop for sustainable weighted blankets

Eco-experts ask these four questions when shopping for a best weighted blanket:

1. Will this blanket leave plastic waste behind?
2. Is this weighted blanket GOTS, Fairtrade, or BCI certified?
3. Is this weighted blanket non-toxic?
4. Does buying this blanket contribute to eco-conservation?

Let’s look at how our knitted Nappers put all these questions to bed.

girl napper couch

How Bearaby’s Napper keeps the planet promise

1. No place for plastic here!

When it comes to comfort, quality, and the environment, we make no compromises – this is why plastic has no place in a Bearaby weighted blanket. We implement zero-plastic policies and we’re committed to putting a stop to plastic pollution.

Our cooling weighted blanket, the Tree Napper, is Earth-loving from start to finish and leaves no harmful waste behind. Made of Tencel, a tree-fabric that uses almost ten times less water than most other fabrics production methods, the Tree Napper is fully biodegradable.

You’ll also see your Napper is delivered to you without a single piece of plastic packaging, in a reusable organic cotton bag.

2. Bearaby weighted blankets meet GOTS, BCI and Fairtrade standards

All our Nappers meet GOTS, BCI, and Fairtrade standards. We value what these certifications mean and ensure each of our knitted weighted blankets are a testimony to what GOTS, BCI, and Fairtrade aims to achieve.

Let’s briefly look at what each of these certifications are.

global organic textile standard

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
GOTS sets the standards for what qualifies as an organic textile. GOTS certifications require compliance with rigorous environmental and social specifications.

If the weighted blanket you’re buying has a GOTS certification, you’ll have the peace of mind that the fabric contains at least 70% organic fibers (our Nappers contain 95%!) and that any dyes or chemicals used during manufacturing meet stringent ecological and toxicity and requirements.


Just as the name suggests, Fairtrade ensures fair trade. Fairtrade International supports the critical truth that many products bought and sold daily affect the livelihoods of others, especially those in developing countries. A product with the Fairtrade mark means both producers and businesses have met internationally-agreed fair trade standards.

Weighted blanket manufacturers rely heavily on the cotton industry, and Fairtrade plays a vital role in ensuring cotton farmers worldwide get equitable pay.

better cotton iniciative

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)
BCI exists to improve cotton production for the people who produce it, the planet, and the future of the industry. BCI is the most extensive cotton sustainability program in the world.

BCI certified products use cotton farmed according to specific principles, like enhancing biodiversity, promoting water stewardship, preserving fiber quality, and minimizing harmful crop protection practices.

tree napper

Tree Napper

tree napper

Silky-soft, airy comfort

Made from natural eucalyptus

Ultra breathable

Get Cozy

3. Non-toxic knitted Nappers

Weighted blankets are typically made of synthetic materials and get their weight from plastic or bead fillers, but not ours. Bearaby weighted blankets are made of natural, plant-based fabrics and entirely filler-free. We use our patented weighted yarn – made of layer upon layer of organic material – to give our blankets their therapeutic weight.

If you’re concerned about synthetic or toxic chemicals, don’t fret because the Napper’s got you covered.

eco conservation

4. Contributing to eco-conservation

We contribute to conserving the environment in different ways. Over and above our choices to use closed-loop manufacturing methods and natural Earth-loving materials, we’ve partnered with other organizations that share our planet promise.

Ocean Conservancy
We recently partnered with Ocean Conservancy to help remove plastic from our oceans. Living up to our commitment to keeping plastic out of our water – and nowhere near our Nappers – we got behind the International Coastal Cleanup initiative.

Watch this space for details on the next planet-hugging project we’ll be throwing our weight behind.


• In this sustainable buying guide, we offer-up expert tips on how to make an eco-wise weighted blanket buy.

• Look for products with GOTS, BCI, or Fairtrade certifications, opt for non-toxic, and be mindful of the blanket you’re buying leaving behind plastic waste.

• What makes our weighted blankets a sustainable buy? Our collection of knitted Nappers can cocoon you to better sleep, cuddle you with calm and tick all the eco-responsible boxes.

Did you know?
In the 2018-2019 farming seasons, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) provided training on sustainable farming practices to 2.3 million cotton farmers, and Better Cotton accounted for 22% of global cotton production.


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