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The Lay Low

Hey there! Welcome to the Lay Low blog—your source for tips, tools and advice on how to ease yourself
into a naturally restful, JOMO-full, eco-friendly lifestyle. Embrace the beauty of the Bearaby way!


Hugging The Planet

We know that positive change starts with knowledge, so we’re doing our part to make sure you get the best of the good stuff. Our carefully picked topics are here to help you navigate the wonderful world of (planet) hugging.

Bearaby's 6 Favorite Sustainable Brands

We believe that all individuals, businesses, and organizations can play a role in improving the health and sustainability of our environment. That’s why we do our part by providing plastic-free packaging, sourcing from sustainable materials as much as we can, and giving back to our favorite charities. But, enough about us. We also love to learn more about how other companies are helping to fight for our planet. From shoes to shampoo, we’ve got a list of six superstar brands and their products that are doing their part to save our environment.

The World's most Endangered Species

Animals living in distant places, from the Sumatran elephant to the sea turtle to the saola, may not seem like they have an effect on our daily lives, but the truth is that they do. We are all one interconnected web on this planet; all the species on it, from those faraway to those in our backyards, are necessary to keep the world spinning

How B-Corporations Are Helping to Save the Planet

Certified B Corporations, also known affectionately as B-Corps, are organizations that are redefining how business is done by encouraging more sustainable and eco-conscious brands that are switching the focus to good rather than greed. Not only are B-Corps environmentally responsible, but they tackle social responsibility, too. From start to finish, each step of the supply chain within these companies creates a positive impact on our planet and our people. In essence, becoming a B-Corp means taking your relationship with the environment from the friend zone to fully committed

How Bearaby is a Zero Waste Company

It’s safe to say we’re in a committed relationship with the environment. Not only do we reduce the amount of waste that goes out into the world, but we’re also doing our part to give something back to this environment that we so love.

8 Things You Might Not Know About Koalas

You may know koalas for their cute, fuzzy ears and their status as one of Australia’s favorite animals. But, koalas have a lot more to them! It’s time we learned all that we can about the koala, as their habitats are currently under threat. From sleeping to eating to needing to see the dentist, we’ve got all the facts on the cuddly koala. Keep reading to find out their top 8 koala-fications!

7 Ways to Start Living a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Plastic is by no means fantastic. As the health of the environment is climbing to the top of everyone’s minds, you may be wondering how to go about living a zero waste lifestyle.