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The Lay Low

Hey there! Welcome to the Lay Low blog—your source for tips, tools and advice on how to ease yourself
into a naturally restful, JOMO-full, eco-friendly lifestyle. Embrace the beauty of the Bearaby way!


Not Doing Things

Tired of always taking action and making things happen? Well, good news! We’re here to champion the idea of doing absolutely nothing. So sit back with the Lay Low and treat yourself to some ME-time, in the name of #JOMO. (That’s, joy of missing out, btw).

6 minute read

7 ways to calm yourself down when you're worried

If you’re feeling concerned rather than carefree more often than not, it may be wise to work on your calming techniques. Here are 7 quick and easy ways to calm yourself down, stat.

5 minute read

Our favourite designers who knit

We’ve gathered some of our favourite sustainable fashion finds, so you can leave a good night’s sleep with us, and the rest to the experts.

5 minute read

Some natural remedies for seasonal depression

Here are 9 tips for managing your seasonal sadness.

5 minute read

How dogs help those struggling with anxiety

There are many ways in which your dog can help to improve your mental health.