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The Best Weighted Blanket for Hot Sleepers

Learn why our Bearaby weighted blankets can keep hot sleepers cool, all night long.

4 minute read


The best weighted blanket for hot sleepers

4 minute read
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If you’re a sleeper who runs on the sweaty side, you may be wondering if a weighted blanket is right for you - won’t all that extra weight make you even hotter? The short answer is: it depends on which blanket you buy!

If you go for a weighted blanket that’s made of plastic fillers, synthetic linings, and non-breathable materials (lookin’ at you, polyester fleece), you may be sweating through the sheets well before you drift off into dreamland. But if you buy a weighted blanket that’s made of breathable and all-natural fabrics, plus one that provides airflow through its loops and weaves (hint, hint: you’re in the right place), you’ll be feeling cool and comfortable all night long.

If you’re a chronically hot sleeper, check out these tips first before you purchase a weighted blanket. Don’t sweat it, we’re here to help!

No Fake Fillers, Please!

The truth is, most weighted blankets are made heavy with plastic pellets, beads, or artificial fillings. They take a polyester shell, and literally fill it full of other synthetic materials. When a blanket is weighted with things like poly pellets or beads, they can shift around in the night (a noisy sleeping experience if we’ve ever heard one!), and bunch up in various areas of the blanket, causing discomfort and extra heat from the spot where they’ve all come to rest.

If all of the weight shifts and comes to rest on your upper body, for example, you may end up getting hotter more quickly, compared to if the weight was evenly distributed. Not to mention, poly pellets are made of polypropylene plastic. Last we checked, plastic is probably one of the worst offenders when it comes to trapping heat. Not to mention the effect they have on our environment. When these weighted blankets reach their worn-out point, they end up in landfills, unable to fully decompose.

Our Bearaby weighted blankets use zero fillers, and there are no artificial or synthetic materials in sight. The weight from our Nappers comes from layers and layers of our patent-pending weighted yarns, which are made with 100% organic cotton and a sustainably-sourced tree fabric called lyocell. 280 hand-woven meters of yarn go into every single blanket, adding weight the natural way!

Here at Bearaby, we’re always saying no to plastic. We believe a plastic-free production line is a must as we tackle some of our planet’s most pressing climate challenges. Our packaging and products are 100% plastic-free.

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Breathable and Breezy is the Way to Be

The fabric in your weighted blanket plays a key role in how cool you feel throughout the night (or nap). Think about a breezy cotton sheet versus a fleece blanket; they have very different warming abilities! Our most cooling weighted blanket is definitely the Tree Napper, which is so-called because it’s made out of a tree fabric called TENCEL(TM) Lyocell.

TENCEL is sourced from sustainable eucalyptus forests and produced in a closed-loop process. Trees are ground into a pulp that is then spun and dried. This pulp is then woven into fibers. Not only is the result super sustainable (the process uses ten times less water than traditional methods), it’s an ultra-breathable fabric that you’ll want to stay under forever (sweat-free!).

And, don’t go thinking that a biodegradable fabric made out of trees will be scratchy and rough - our tree fabric is soothingly soft and sleek, even for those with the most sensitive skin. Not only that, but the smooth fibers of the tree fabric actually wick moisture, which means your body can regulate its temperature better all night long. Hot sleepers, rejoice: the Tree Napper is your best bet for a cooling and sound sleep.

Your next best choice is the knit weighted blanket, which is made entirely of organic cotton. While this blanket will be a teensy bit warmer than the Tree Napper (so it’s perfect for medium-hot sleepers or for when the seasons change towards chilly), it will still provide you with a cooler night’s sleep than a typical weighted blanket would, especially a weighted blanket made of fleece or minky plush material.

Up The Airflow Ability

You’ll also want to look for a weighted blanket that provides some natural airflow. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Our Nappers are the only weighted blankets on the block with a unique, chunky-knit woven design. The big, hand-sewn loops and weaves are not only there to look good on your living room couch or draped over your bed; they serve an important purpose! They actually allow air to circulate in and around your body, keeping you cool yet cozy (sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not - trust us!).

Other blankets are densely lined, which may keep you extra warm in the winter, but probably too toasty come summertime. Although our weighted blankets seem heavy (obviously!), the innovative design of the yarn and loops cocoons your whole body, evenly distributing the weight because there are no pockets of beads, just fabric! This means that air can flow through the weaves while you catch a cooling snooze all night long.

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Did you know?
Severe night sweating actually has a medical term, called hyperhidrosis. If none of these tips are helping to stop your sweaty sleeps, give your doctor a call for some extra help!

Cool Tips For Hot Sleepers

If you’re chronically sweaty while you sleep, you may want to also pick up some extra cooling tips. To start, take a look at your nighttime attire. Ditch the fuzzy socks and flannel pajamas in favor of bare feet and breathable PJs made of cotton, bamboo, or Tencel-based fabrics.

While you’re at it, you could makeover your sheets as well by trying an organic bamboo Lyocell sheet that will keep your backside cool while you sleep. However, if you’re super heated you may even want to invest in something like a cooling mattress pad that maintains a lower temperature beneficial for restful sleep. The combo of coolness underneath you and a cozy, cooling weighted blanket on top will lead to your best night’s sleep in ages.

You can also try to limit things that may increase your sweating, like spicy foods at dinnertime or alcohol before bed. Lastly, your room temperature should be set slightly cooler than you’d think for a perfect night’s sleep. Most sources recommend keeping the thermostat between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (brr!) for better sleep quality.


• Sleeping under a weighted blanket doesn’t have to equal a sweaty night’s sleep. Look for blankets without plastic beads or synthetic linings, as both can trap heat while you sleep.

• Our Tree Nappers, which originate from sustainable eucalyptus trees, are super breathable and soft, due to the organic and biodegradable TencelTM Lyocell material.

• Still sweating? Try upgrading your pajamas and sheets, don’t eat spicy food before bed, and crank the thermostat down to about 65 degrees.


Did you know?
Severe night sweating actually has a medical term, called hyperhidrosis. If none of these tips are helping to stop your sweaty sleeps, give your doctor a call for some extra help!


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