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Under the Napper. Over the Moon.

Medical research has shown that resting under weight makes us sleep deeper and feel better.

So, #findyourcozycorner and rest naturally!

Bearaby’s Napper - Cooling Weighted Blanket

A match made in Dreamland

Bearaby has teamed up with West Elm, and for good reason. We have a lot in common. We share the same values like sustainability, social responsibility, innovative design, and a dedication to handmade craftsmanship. Finding the right partner is everything. As with any great partnership, ours came to be organically. And we’re excited to see where it goes!

Bearaby’s Sofa Nappers

Hug The Tree Napper

Cozy up to this chunky, hand-knitted weighted blanket made with nothing but layer upon layer of gorgeously lush and breezy tree fabric called TENCEL. It’s extra soft, cooling and of course, plant-based. The Tree Napper comes in three well-considered colors inspired by natural elements. You can choose from Glass Blue, Stone White, and Frost Grey.

Shop Now Tree Napper - Anxiety Blanket
White Weighted Blanket Frost Grey Tree Napper
Frame 2

Love The
Cotton Napper

Cuddle under this stylish hand-knitted weighted blanket made with nothing but layer upon layer of silky, soft cotton fabric. Somehow, it’s both sleek and chunky. Pretty dreamy, huh? The Cotton Napper comes in three thoughtful colors inspired by interior design elements. You can choose from Night Shade Blue, Platinum Grey, and Dusty Blush.

Bearaby Soft Blanket
Blue Velvet  Light Weighted Blanket Sun Yellow Knitted Weighted Blanket