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Bearaby - Weighted Blanket

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Pumpkin Weighted Blanket

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$ 159

The Harvest collection is made out of the softest organic cotton and is naturally dyed to match your favorite fall produce.

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Everything You Need To Know

This year, we’re enjoying Halloween at Home. We’re bundling up under our Bearaby Napper with a delicious treat from This Saves Lives, while spreading joy that reaches far beyond our neighbors. 

The Bearaby x This Saves Lives bundle: 

For every purchase of a Pumpkin Nappling for your little pumpkins, you get a box of 6 delicious and wholesome Mammoth Marshmallow Krispies.
For every purchase of the Pumpkin Napper for the big kids, you get a box of 12 spook-tacular Dark Chocolate Caramel bars. 

With each purchase of a Bearaby x This Saves Lives bundle, we send life-saving Plumpy’Nut packets to a child in need through our NGO partner Action Against Hunger, helping end severe acute malnutrition. So, as we’re all finding new ways to celebrate beloved holidays safely, we’d like to thank you for joining us in the fight against hunger and for making joyful memories with us.

The Halloween Bundle is excluded from our return policy.


Pumpkin Napper:
95% organic cotton, 5% spandex

Pumpkin Nappling:
100% organic cotton

Dark Chocolate Caramel Bars:
Delicious dark chocolate, rich caramel, honey and a hint of sea salt makes for a snack you will love. You get 5 grams of protein in each bar with only 8 grams of sugar. Each box has 12 bars.

Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Kosher

Mammoth Marshmallow Krispies:
This rice Krispy Treat is made with a blast of marshmallow, vanilla, crispy rice, and other real ingredients. Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Nut-free, School Safe, and only 9g of sugar. 

Gluten-Free,  Non-GMO,  Kosher,  Dairy-free,  School Safe

Care Instructions

Wash separately in cool water (max 30 °C), on a delicate or permanent-press cycle.

Tumble dry low

Note: Our natural weighted blanket may take more than one cycle to be fully dried. Avoid hanging your Napper to dry, as this can stretch out it’s lovely loops.

The Cotton Napper comes with an organic cotton dust bag that makes it easy to store it, wash it, or take it with you out the house.

Learn more: How to wash your Bearaby knitted weighted blanket


Pumpkin Nappling:
Our Nappling is a child size weighted blanket, designed for a single child. It comes in 1 weight:

8 lbs - 40" x”60”

As our Napplings are all hand-knit, size and weight can vary slightly between each blanket.

Pumpkin Napper:
Our Napper is designed for a single person and comes in 3 different weights:

15 lbs - 40" x 72"
20 lbs - 45" x 72"
25 lbs - 48" x 72"

Your Napper should be roughly 10% of your body weight (i.e 150lb body weight = 15lb Napper).

If you're between weights, we recommend you go with the higher weight category (i.e 170lb weight would be best suited to a 20lb Napper).

The best knitted weighted blanket is made by hand! Since our Nappers are hand-knit, size and weight can vary slightly between each blanket.

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Cuddles just became cool!

no artificial fillers

No artificial

Soft, organic fabric is the only thing inside our blanket to give it weight.

hand knit with love

with love

Made by highly skilled knitters with the utmost care and attention to detail.

designed for perfect breathability

Designed for perfect

Thoughtful design means delightfully heavy blankets with unmatchable airflow.

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how it works

Snug as a bug in a

When an evenly dispersed weight is placed on the body, natural hormones are released that calm you down, help you feel relaxed and let you drift into dreamland.

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what sets us apart what sets us apart

Why we're special

It’s a complicated weighted blanket world, and we don’t want you to get stressed out with it all. So here’s a little bit about what makes our knitted weighted blanket so uniquely wonderful.

bearaby blanket


Silent, even weight distribution

Soft layers of organic fabric


others blanket

Sweaty and hot

Noisy fillers that shift around

Plastic filler beads


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