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Temporarily out of stock | $399

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A queen size cotton weighted blanket. Ideal for couples or someone looking for a blanket covering the entire bed.

Color: Hedge Hue

Weight: 35 lbs (90”x90”)

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No fillers, just organic cotton

No fillers, just
organic cotton

Covers the entire bed

Covers the entire

Evenly weighted for natural, deep sleep

Evenly weighted
for natural, deep

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Temporarily out of stock | $399


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Everything You Need To Know

The Hugger is a queen size weighted blanket made for two (or more for you!).

Couples can comfortably snuggle under the Hugger to reap the therapeutic benefits of sleeping under weight. Our largest weighted blanket will cover you both from head to toe so you can enjoy some serious rest. The Hugger's got even the tallest person covered!

Sleeping under weight sparks a natural chemical reaction in your body which helps you to sleep more deeply, and wake feeling rested and revitalized. The evenly-distributed weight across your body (or bodies) stimulates the production of serotonin (the happy hormone), reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), and increases melatonin, which helps you to fall and stay asleep.

We offer free shipping and hassle-free returns for all of our blankets.

100% Cotton.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and Fairtrade International certified.

Dry cleaning recommended.

Spot treat with mild soap and cold water.

The Hugger is our largest weighted blanket. Designed to cover a queen size bed.

Weight: 35 lbs

Dimensions: 90" x 90"

The best weighted blankets are handmade! Since our Huggers are hand-knit, size and weight can vary slightly between each blanket.


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Queen-sized comfort for double the cuddle

Enjoy full-bed coverage from soft, breathable, chunky knit layers that’ll keep you comfy and cool while you cuddle up.



how it works

Cool and calm while you cuddle up

Made to disperse weight evenly across two sleepers, our Hugger encourages the natural release of hormones to help you both relax and drift off.


We're different and here's howWe're different and here's how

We're different and here's how

It’s a complicated weighted blanket world, and we don’t want you to get stressed out with it all. So here’s a little bit about what makes our knitted weighted blanket so uniquely wonderful.


Hugger benefits

Hugger benefits

Naturally weighted, sublimely soft and sustainable, the Hugger is full of incredible, scientifically proven benefits for you and your partner.

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