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Introducing The Fall Harvest Collection – An Autumn Weighted Blanket Range

Our newest Napper range, grounded in authentically autumn shades, reaps inspiration from a bountiful harvest. Here’s the scoop on this season’s colorways, and we’ll also dig into how our fall Nappers help nourish calmness and weed out anxiety.

Introducing The Fall Harvest Collection – An Autumn Weighted Blanket Range


Introducing the Fall Harvest Napper range – a quartet of autumn-hued weighted blankets.

Pick your favorite from four fresh produce-inspired shades: Butternut Bliss, Cozy Corn, Goodnight Grape, or Evening Eggplant.

How do our Fall Harvest Nappers sow these seeds of stress-free sleep? Let’s dig in and see!

Did you know?
You can use a (Bearaby) cardboard box as a compost bin for all your biodegradable food waste. Gardening gurus sometimes bury biodegradable material in a cardboard box to create soil-enriching compost.

This fall, we’re taking cozy comfort to new heights — and weights. Our Fall Harvest weighted blanket collection embodies the essence of fall with organically dyed Nappers matched to our favorite fall produce.

As chillier weather starts setting in, these filler-free knitted weighted blankets are perfect partners for cozy naps and sweet dreams. The breathable comfort of a Fall Harvest Napper also pairs well with pumpkin lattes, reading nooks, and movie nights.

A Focus On Fall Through Sustainable Fabrics

The seasons are changing, but our commitment to sustainability is unfailing. Our filler-free Fall Harvest Nappers are made from BCI-certified organic cotton and delivered to your doorstep (free of plastic-packaging) in a reusable cotton bag.

bearaby bag vegetables

Cozy And Calming Cotton Nappers In Harvest Hues

Curious about the Fall Harvest Nappers colorways? Here they are!

Butternut Bliss

Ground yourself in the warmth of our Butternut Bliss Napper. Inspired by our favorite autumn gourd — we love it in a soup, a salad, or a muffin — this soft pop of color is bound to elevate your living room into a hygge haven.

butternut bliss

Goodnight Grape

Bring bold tones into your home with our rich teal Goodnight Grape Napper. This super-soft blanket will impart near-magical sleeping powers, and it’ll be the thing you reach for all season, make that all year long.

goodnight grape

Cozy Corn

Nothing fits better in your cozy corner than Cozy Corn. When you think of one color for fall, it’s this golden shade. From sweet- smelling corn and crisp leaves to late afternoon sunlight, Cozy Corn is the hue of harvest. Find your calm in our earthy Napper, designed to feel like Mother Nature’s wrapping her arms around you.

cozy corn

Evening Eggplant

Fresh from your local farmer’s market, the deep purple of our Evening Eggplant Napper captures the spirit of autumn. Inspired by our favorite nightshade, add this splash of color to your sleep as you slip into relaxation mode – phone off, calm on.

evening eggplant

How Our Autumn Weighted Blankets Help You Fall Asleep

How do our Fall Harvest Nappers sow their seeds of stress-free sleep? Let’s dig into the details of how weighted blankets work.

Deep Touch Pressure

When we lie underneath a weighted object, relaxation isn’t far behind. Think about that heavy lead vest at the dentist’s office when you get X-rays or the calming comfort that comes from a long, warm hug from someone you love. That sensation is the side-effect of the simple science called deep touch pressure, or DTP for short.

When we use a weighted blanket, DTP activates the pressure points on our bodies, and our brains pump up the production of a hormone called serotonin.

Serotonin and Melatonin

Serotonin is our chief happiness hormone. Not only does it help regulate mood and reduce anxiety and feelings of depression, but it also helps with digestion. (You know that icky feeling you get in your stomach when you’re very anxious? Serotonin helps calm that.)

Now, superstar happy hormone serotonin is also a precursor for melatonin – a well-known sleep cycle regulator. This combination of serotonin and melatonin is calming, relaxing, and ultimately sleep-inducing.

But, there’s one more in the mix.


Cortisol, aka our stress hormone, is necessary in small amounts, but too much of it, and you’ll find it hard to wind down at bedtime. The DTP that weighted blankets cue helps lower cortisol levels, contributing to a more relaxed body and mind, settling in peaceful sleep.

Now that you know how our autumn-inspired weighted blankets help you fall asleep easier and feel calmer, you’re likely wondering where you can get one.

Bearaby x West Elm: Continuing A Couchworthy Collaboration

The Fall Harvest Napper collection will be available to order on our Bearaby weighted blanket website as well as from trusted companions in craftsmanship, West Elm.

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