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Who is Bearaby?

Helping you sleep at night, helps us sleep at night.

With Bearaby we wanted to take everything that scientists know about weighted bedding and bundle it up with innovative textiles into one delightful experience that helps people sleep naturally and feel better.


“After napping for a few hours under a weighted blanket on a Saturday afternoon, I fell in love with the feeling of sleeping under weight. However, when I started to search for high quality weighted bedding, I realized that it just didn’t exist. That’s when the Bearaby journey began.”

Kathrin Hamm


Our mission

Joy in Sleep.
Joy in Life.

Science has shown us that sleeping under weight improves our sleep cycles, lowers stress and anxiety and helps us feel happier in our day-to-day lives.

At Bearaby, we've bundled up all that science with gorgeous, sustainable textiles and innovative, contemporary design. Our aim is to make joy-filled, naturally deep sleep an everyday luxury.

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We’ve re-invented weighted bedding.

By combining patented breathability technology with a unique body contouring system, our weighted bedding is remarkably different, promising a perfectly natural sleep.

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We’ve brought nature in.

The sustainable Eucalyptus fiber, Tencel, found in all our Sleeper products is responsibly milled in Austria.

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We’ve married function and beauty.

Our Napper is made out of beautiful weighted weaves. The layered yarn is spun out of organic cotton. It's look and feel is modern and inviting.


Thinking outside the box,
for Planet Earth.

At Bearaby, we believe that all companies - big or small - have a duty to our planet. It goes without saying that our products are made from all natural, responsibly sourced materials. However, our focus on sustainability doesn’t end there. We’ve reimagined packaging, removing all plastic and non-critical components, to come up with a packaging concept that’s a keeper.


1. Slide

Easily slide your sleeper into the Bearaby Stack bag to store it, or take it on a trip around the world.

2. Stack

Bearaby Sheet boxes, made out of sturdy recycled carton, are as perfectly suited to your sheets as they are to your home. Conveniently stack them in your closet or under your bed

3. Store

There is nothing the Bearaby stack bag cant do! From making it easy to transport and store your Sleeper, to helping you carry clothes or laundry. This all-recycled bag is kind to the planet too.