Weighted Stuffed Animals

Designed to help you feel calm and comforted.

  • Benji Bear

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  • Remi Rabbit

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  • Elli Elephant

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  • Daisy Dino

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  • Darcy Dog

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  • Suzy Sloth

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  • Cody Cow

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Lend yourself a helping paw! Our weighted stuffed animals calm anxiety and help you transition into a restful mindset, setting you up for deep, restorative sleep. Like a weighted blanket, weighted plushies activate your pressure points for a sense of security and comfort.

Every Bearabuddy is handcrafted out of tension-melting Terraclay™ and 100% cotton knit for sensory soothing snuggles! Our Bearabuddies can also be used as a weighted plush or a sensory stuffed animals for adults.


Frequently Asked Questions

Like weighted blankets, weighted stuffed animals can promote grounding and help you feel secure, which many people find helpful for relaxing during the day and falling asleep at night.

Plushies can be an effective tool for people with ADHD, since many people find that they help improve focus and emotional regulation. Weighted plushies are often recommended for people with ADHD because the calming weight delivers additional Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) benefits.

Our weighted stuffed animals are designed to be easy to wash! You can machine wash your Bearabuddy cold inside a laundry bag and tumble dry on low for comfy clean snuggles.

Most weighted stuffed animals are filled with unsustainable plastic or glass beads, which is why we make our Bearabuddies with only natural, biodegradable Terraclay™ in their huggably heavy bellies and squashable super paws. They’re good for you