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Planet Promise

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We believe in making as little an impact on the world as possible.

With every blanket we produce, every partner we work with, and every decision we make, we put the planet first. By leading change, it’s our goal to make the world a little cleaner, greener, and better for everyone.


Designed to be Planet Kind

Designed to be Planet Kind Designed to be Planet Kind
Sustainable Tree Napper
Bearaby Tree Napper

Tree Napper

Tree’s a Cloud

Our planet-loving TENCEL™ Lyocell is silky-soft with a luminous finish. It’s sourced from Austria, where it’s farmed in a natural and sustainable closed-loop process. This sustainable star relies on natural rainfall to grow, and uses 90% less water than traditional fabric. It’s also silky-smooth and ex-tree-mely snuggly. What’s not to love?

Woven from renewable Eucalyptus Wood pulp
A clean, closed-loop process
Silky-smooth and cooling

Cotton Napper

From harvest to home, and back again

Our buttery soft, 100% organic long-staple cotton is farmed in India, using 90% less water than conventional farming methods. It’s GOTS, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and Fairtrade International certified, which means it’s kind to the planet, to those who grow it, and to those who use it. Our natural cotton can be composted, and it doesn’t release microplastics which end up in oceans.

GOTS certified organic cotton
100% biodegradable
Buttery soft, like your favorite t-shirt

Velvet Napper

From Trash to Treasure

Our exceptionally cozy, luxuriously soft and rich velvet is 100% sustainable GRS certified. It’s made from recycled marine plastic, which is spun and brushed into our super-soft signature fabric. Each Velvet Napper keeps 900 plastic bottles from polluting our oceans. It’s a feel good fabric in every possible way!

Ecovelvet removes 900 plastic bottles from the ocean
Luxuriously soft and luminous
GRS certified


The seal of approval

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We’re not shy about our sustainability efforts – but don’t just take our word for it.

Check out our certifications from trusted third party organizations, and discover how we weave sustainability into every part of our business, from loom to lap.

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The Lifecycle of a Napper

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Closing the loop

By making products that are good for you and for the planet, we all sleep better at night. We weave sustainability into every step of the supply chain, from loom to lap.


The natural way to sleep well

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