Sensory Pillows

Designed to soothe your senses and support your slumber.

  • Hugget

    From $29

    A stress-relieving knot pillow to delight the senses. Skillfully hand-knotted from responsive, plant-based Melofoam™.
  • Cuddler

    From $199

    A soothing body pillow that melts away tension, made with plant-based Melofoam™.
  • Cuddling

    From $89

    A soothing bolster pillow for ergonomic support anywhere, anytime, made with plant-based Melofoam™.
  • Bearaby x Shake Shack

    From $149

    A french fry-shaped body pillow with comfort in every crinkle, crafted in partnership with Shake Shack.

Cuddle up to less stress! Though they come in all different shapes and sizes, there are a few things all of our sensory pillows have in common: they’re sustainably made, stylishly designed, and super soothing.

All of our sensory pillows get their satisfyingly squashy texture from GOLS-certified organic Melofoam™: an all-natural, biodegradable rubber foam. It’s made by tapping sap directly from organic hevea trees in Sri Lanka, which is collected in coconuts and gently steamed to produce a spongey, airy foam.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sensory pillows can help you feel grounded and reduce sensory overload through comforting textures and calming weight. Depending on the size and style of the pillow, you may be able to squash it like a stress ball or hold it to keep anxious hands busy.

Many people find that a sensory pillow can work like a fidget toy to help reduce anxiety, soothe stress, and improve focus. Larger sensory pillows are typically designed to promote better sleep at night, since the calming texture can help you drift off and feel relaxed.

Sensory pillows can be helpful grounding tools for people with autism and people with ADHD. They are also sometimes used in medical settings, such as in treatments for dementia patients. Like all sensory tools, the effectiveness of a particular pillow usually comes down to personal preference.

Yes! Holding a pillow provides gentle sensory stimulation that can communicate a sense of safety and security to your nervous system. Our sensory pillows are gently weighted and come in a variety of soft, soothing textures.

You can rest on a sensory pillow for better sleep at night, or hold it to help yourself relax and feel grounded during the day. Try holding a sensory pillow during a time when you feel frequently distracted and typically reach for your phone — maybe while you’re watching TV or meeting over a video call. You might find that it helps you feel more present and less stressed!

Yes! Toddlers, kids, and people of all ages can use sensory pillows as a tool to de-stress and unwind.