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The Lay Low

Hey there! Welcome to the Lay Low blog—your source for tips, tools and advice on how to ease yourself
into a naturally restful, JOMO-full, eco-friendly lifestyle. Embrace the beauty of the Bearaby way!

4 minute read

Why do I wake up at the same time every night?

We delved into why we tend to wake up at the same time each night and how a weighted blanket can help.

4 minute read

Six natural biohacks for better sleep

Read on for a quick overview of where we sit on the biohacking spectrum and how to biohack one of the most important parts of your day: your night.

4 minute read

Bearaby’s 10 favorite podcasts about Sleep

One of our favorite ways to kick back and relax is by lounging around (under a weighted blanket of course!) and tuning in to interesting podcasts.

4 minute read

How weighted blankets can help Restless Legs Syndrome

We’ll examine what we know about RLS, and give you our best tips to relieve the restless sensations and get better sleep, the natural way.