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The Lay Low

Hey there! Welcome to the Lay Low blog—your source for tips, tools and advice on how to ease yourself
into a naturally restful, JOMO-full, eco-friendly lifestyle. Embrace the beauty of the Bearaby way!

Bearaby's 6 Favorite Sustainable Brands

We believe that all individuals, businesses, and organizations can play a role in improving the health and sustainability of our environment. That’s why we do our part by providing plastic-free packaging, sourcing from sustainable materials as much as we can, and giving back to our favorite charities. But, enough about us. We also love to learn more about how other companies are helping to fight for our planet. From shoes to shampoo, we’ve got a list of six superstar brands and their products that are doing their part to save our environment.

Top 10 Natural Remedies To Alleviate Anxiety

We all know the feeling of anxiety: that gut-wrenching, sometimes-paralyzing, always-awful, downward-spiral feeling. Whether it’s a quick bout of nerves before that big presentation or the more chronic kind that stays with you day after day, we’re here to help you out with some natural ways to alleviate those anxious feelings.

The World's most Endangered Species

Animals living in distant places, from the Sumatran elephant to the sea turtle to the saola, may not seem like they have an effect on our daily lives, but the truth is that they do. We are all one interconnected web on this planet; all the species on it, from those faraway to those in our backyards, are necessary to keep the world spinning

How B-Corporations Are Helping to Save the Planet

Certified B Corporations, also known affectionately as B-Corps, are organizations that are redefining how business is done by encouraging more sustainable and eco-conscious brands that are switching the focus to good rather than greed. Not only are B-Corps environmentally responsible, but they tackle social responsibility, too. From start to finish, each step of the supply chain within these companies creates a positive impact on our planet and our people. In essence, becoming a B-Corp means taking your relationship with the environment from the friend zone to fully committed

The Top 5 Most Nappable Couches

Ah, the couch nap. Couch naps are the kind that tend to just happen without warning—the kind where you doze off during a movie, or plan to just “rest your eyes” for a moment on a Sunday afternoon only to wake up an hour or two later. While many people choose their home decor based on style and appearance, you shouldn’t forget to size up the support that your furniture is giving you. After all, we tend to sit (or sleep!) on our sofas each and every day.

Curing FOMO With JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

You’ve likely heard of, or experienced, FOMO, the fear of missing out. But have you heard of JOMO? We’re all about embracing the joy of missing out, rather than the fear of it. While FOMO is like your rowdy friend who stays out all night, JOMO is like FOMO’s introspective cousin, one who is able to say ‘no’ and gets plenty of sleep.

What Is Tree Fabric?

Maybe you just received your first Tree Napper and are wondering just how this fabric could be so soft, or perhaps you’ve heard the term “tree fabric”, while browsing the internets or in passing. Either way, we’ve got you covered (wink wink). Tree fabric is one of our not-so-secret weapons in making our blankets soft, sustainable, strong, and soothing.

10 Everyday Things to do to Help the Planet

Although switching off the lights when you leave the room or choosing an eco-friendly shampoo may not seem like you’re doing a lot to change the world, these little everyday steps can actually compound and make a huge impact on the environment. Just imagine if every person in the world could put just one of these ideas into practice, we would have a planet that was improving rather than deteriorating. Keep reading to learn the 10 easiest ways to help join the fight to save our environment.

Behind the Cleanest Cities in the Country

When you think of large cities in the United States, it’s not likely that the first word you associate with them is ‘clean’. But, that is starting to turn around. Major cities all over the nation are becoming more and more environmentally friendly, from the sea to the sky. A clean city can mean many things, from the trash on the street, to the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the emissions we create.

The Power of Having a Plant in Your Place

Turning your home into an indoor nature sanctuary, or just integrating a few plants into your home, can provide more than just decorative good looks. Houseplants also have emotional, physical, and mental benefits. Pretty greenery can purify your air, improve mood and productivity, and even combat illness. Even if you’ve never been open to it, we’ve got some compelling, low maintenance house plant recommends that’ll change your indoor habitat and improve your feels.

Tips for Getting up After Weighted Blanket Slumber

A night of sleep with a weighted blanket is like no other. When the morning light comes around, you’re comfy and you’re cozy. You’re snuggled underneath at least 15 pounds of soft hand-knit fabric and you’re not quite ready to forgo your horizontal bliss and face the world yet. However, if today isn’t a slow Sunday morning and you’ve got to get your butt into gear, here are some ways to get yourself up and start your day.

The Beauty of the Eucalyptus Tree

It’s no secret that we’re a fan of plants. From using them in our blanket fabric to supporting tree-planting organizations, we love all plants, big and small. Most of all, we love the humble, but fruitful eucalyptus tree. Not only does it house and feed our cute and cuddly Bearaby mascot, Kikko the koala, but it also provides us with the sustainably soft tree fabric used to make our Tree Nappers.

Bearaby x West Elm New Napper Colors in store

Bearaby has teamed up with West Elm for two reasons. One, we share the same values. Sustainability, social responsibility, innovative design, and a dedication to handmade craftsmanship are all part of our DNA. Oh, and we’re both all about hanging at our comfy-cozy, well-decorated homes.

How Bearaby is a Zero Waste Company

It’s safe to say we’re in a committed relationship with the environment. Not only do we reduce the amount of waste that goes out into the world, but we’re also doing our part to give something back to this environment that we so love.

Weighted Blanket Gift Giving Occassions

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is the one of relaxation. Life is hard, and we all need to slow down and take the edge off every now and then.

Top 3 Benefits of Weighted Blankets

There are many benefits to using a weighted blanket, ranging from improved sleep to calming down an anxious mind. Weighted blankets are like a warm hug for your whole body, and they also have health benefits that are backed by science.

Weighted Blankets Are So Hot Right Now (And Breathable)!

Are you a bed sweater? Do you buy new sheets every few months because you sweat the bed so much it stains? Or do you kick off the covers in a heated rage?

How Long Until Your Body Adapts To Sleeping Under Weight

Dreaming of sleeping under a weighted blanket but not sure how long it will take to work? Whether you still need a few days to sleep on it or are already sleeping under it, we’re here to give you the rundown. 

How to Wash Your Weighted Blanket

Woohoo, you are now the proud owner of a weighted blanket! We’re so glad you made the leap towards feeling better and better sleep. Now that you’ve got a good few weeks of coziness and sleeping well under your belt, it may be just about time to think about washing it. 

What to Know Before Buying a Weighted Blanket

The sleep industry is abuzz these days and for good reason—increasingly stressful weeks call for a comparable amount of blissful ZZZ’s. 

Top 7 Interesting Facts About Weighted Blankets

Science and medical research has proven weighted blankets are more than a “millennial fad”. Yep, they’re here to stay. While the main benefits of weighted blankets are fairly well-known, there’s a lot more to the extra-heavy, oh-so-cozy blankets than you may realize. 

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

Well, the science is actually pretty simple! In a nutshell, the extra pressure that a weighted blanket puts on your body helps to produce more of your relaxation and sleep-promoting hormones, which can reduce anxiety, lessen pain, and help with insomnia.

8 Things You Might Not Know About Koalas

You may know koalas for their cute, fuzzy ears and their status as one of Australia’s favorite animals. But, koalas have a lot more to them! It’s time we learned all that we can about the koala, as their habitats are currently under threat. From sleeping to eating to needing to see the dentist, we’ve got all the facts on the cuddly koala. Keep reading to find out their top 8 koala-fications!

Who Napped it Best?

Though they may always look glamorous when you see them on the big screen or scrolling through your Instagram feed, the truth is, being famous can be downright exhausting. And sleep isn’t always a number one priority. 

What are the Best Nap Techniques?

Naps help keep us healthy (and from nodding off at our workstation). Unfortunately, it isn’t for everyone. Learning how to take one takes practice. But fret not, these tips, tools, and advice will make you a nap-happy person in no time.

Hugging Strangers and 8 Other Ways to Spread Kindness

As World Kindness Day approaches (mark your calendars for November 13th!), it’s time to think about ways you can make a positive mark on this planet. 

7 Ways to Start Living a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Plastic is by no means fantastic. As the health of the environment is climbing to the top of everyone’s minds, you may be wondering how to go about living a zero waste lifestyle.

Can a Weighted Blanket Help me Sleep Better?

We all know the feeling of not being able to fall asleep at night. Whether it’s restless tossing and turning or the inability to shut your brain off, having trouble getting sleep plays an enormous role in how we feel and function. About one-third of the general population suffers from symptoms of insomnia on a regular basis.

Can I Use My Weighted Blanket with My Pet?

You know your pet better than anyone else. You’ve probably dubbed him or her the “cutest in the world” and you probably talk to them in that high-pitched baby voice when they greet you at the door.

Top 10 Historic Hugs

You love a good hug. We know you do, because we all do.

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

Okay, so you’ve done the research and you’ve decided that you’re in the market for a weighted blanket. 

The Art of Staying in All Weekend

When Friday afternoon rolls around and you’ve had one of those weeks that seemed like it lasted a month, sometimes all you want to do is stay in and hibernate for two days (we get it!). 

How to Nap it Best?

Nothing beats the feeling of catching some extra ZZZ’s, and that’s why we sometimes do it whenever and wherever we can. This is especially true if you’ve got a busy schedule and mounting sleep debt. 

Do Power Naps Really Work?

It’s 2 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon, and you’re exhausted. Should you go for that third cup of coee to make it through the workday? Or should you take a quick snooze to reset and recharge?