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Sleeping under weight
The science behind real rest

Research proves that sleeping under an evenly dispersed weight deepens our sleep cycles and lowers stress.

What is Deep Touch Pressure?

Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) is gentle pressure evenly distributed on the body, which mimics the sensation of being hugged or swaddled.

sleeping under weight
Natural Deep Sleep
koala in a sleeper
Scientific research shows that sleeping under an evenly distributed weight brings about a deeper, more natural sleep cycle.
Peace of Mind
Koala in state peace of mind
The Deep Touch Pressure of the weighted comforter stimulates the production of serotonin, reducing stress and increasing a sense of calm
Joy inducing hormones
koala breathing, Joy inducing hormones
Sleeping under weight can even reduce anxiety, giving the same comforting sensation of a joyous cuddle.
The sleeper

Embrace sleep naturally with our Bearaby Sleeper, a thoughtfully designed, weighted comforter, made out of all-natural eucalyptus fibers, that guarantees you a better night’s sleep from day one.

koala sleeping

Bear fact #1

A standard Bearaby Sleeper weighs the same as a small Koala - and it’s just as huggable.

Eucalyptus fibre


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All-Natural Fabric

The Sleeper is made of all-natural Eucalyptus fibre, for the softest and most sustainable hug every single night.

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The napper

In need of a soft, calming cuddle on the couch? Our heavy-knit weighted daytime Napper, made from all-natural fabrics, is proof that it’s possible to combine beauty with function.

napper in a chair


icon of a contouring

Weighted Weaves

The hand-knitted weighted weaves apply gently draped pressure across the body. The soft, chunky yarn uses Bearaby's exclusive patent-pending layering technique to add weight naturally, without any artificial filling material.

nappers white, blue and rose


napper icon

Purely Organic Cotton

Through our innovative layering technique we naturally incorporate weight into a super-soft, firm and chunky yarn without using any artificial filling materials.

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