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Calling All Athletes: Here's Why Weighted Blankets Boost Muscle Recovery

Whether you're a weightlifter or a runner, the aches of muscle soreness after a tough workout never seem to go away fast enough. Sleep and rest are the two most important ways to help your muscles rebuild, which is why we recommend adding a weighted blanket to your recovery toolkit.

weighted blanket muscle recovery


Weighted blankets pair well with compression clothes and mimic the way they soothe your sore muscles

Don’t forget to stretch, too–we recommend using your weighted blanket as a supplementary recovery tool

Sleep is vital for supporting muscle recovery 

Did you know?
The effects of DOMS are most noticeable 48 hours after a sweat sesh, which makes that first night of sleep after a workout even more essential!

You’ve got your sneakers on, your playlist queued, and your game face on…but don’t forget the weighted blanket! Ever wonder how to avoid muscle soreness after a workout? Here are our top weighted blanket muscle recovery tactics.. You might just find that your weighted blanket becomes an essential tool for post-workout recovery

How Do Weighted Blankets Help Muscle Recovery?

It may sound strange, but your weighted blanket can be an essential post-gym tool! In our weighted blanket guide, we walk you through the science behind a weighted blanket: How do weighted blankets work? What can they do for you? How long can you stay under weighted blankets?

The magic behind a weighted blanket all comes down to Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), which gives you a therapeutic experience similar to a hug. DTP can help lower stress levels, relieve anxiety, boost melatonin production, and improve serotonin levels. So why do we think a weighted blanket should be used after a workout (and maybe a shower)?

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Weighted Blankets and Muscle Recovery

After a sweaty gym sesh, you often ride that high of “I just killed my workout” until you get to the end of your day, and suddenly….everything hurts. Whether it’s the same day or the next morning, delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the fancy name for this frustrating feeling.

DOMS may feel like soreness, tiredness, inflammation, or pain in the muscle areas that were worked. Experts often recommend stretching or massaging the areas to help alleviate discomfort and reduce stiffness.

If you experience DOMS regularly, you likely have special tools like a foam roller readily available to use post-workout – but have you ever grabbed your weighted blanket for muscle pain? When your muscles are trying to recover, that magic of DTP can be just the thing to boost your body’s recovery.

Deep touch pressure and compression therapy

Studies show that compression is a handy technique for aiding muscle recovery after injuries, and the same rule applies to post-workout soreness. When you work out, you create micro-tears in your muscles that need to rebuild to become stronger. You experience soreness after creating these micro-tears, and that’s why the DTP from a weighted blanket feels so good

How does it work?

Compression helps your body recover and rebuild because it increases blood flow to your muscles. The more blood flow there is, the more oxygen-rich blood gets delivered to your torn muscles and the faster they can knit back together.

Many athletes will wear compression clothing like socks or knee bands that apply compression to the parts of the body needing support. Although a weighted blanket doesn’t apply the same amount of compression that a pair of compression socks would, it acts similarly because it applies to weight and pressure to your body. This weight triggers your brain to boost the production of happy hormones, supporting your weighted blanket muscle recovery.

One of the best-weighted blanket benefits is that they not only pair well with compression therapy, but they work in other ways to help you in post-workout recovery!

weighted blanket muscle recovery

The Power of Sleep

Regular exercise is essential for a healthy mind and body, and so is regular sleep. But does sleep help muscle recovery? Our answer: yes! Sleep helps your body recover from both mental and physical stressors.

For people who struggle with falling or staying asleep, weighted blankets can be a big help. They increase melatonin and serotonin production to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Once you've grabbed your weighted blanket, sore muscles and tiredness tend to melt away in a peaceful snooze.

Whether you’re a regular at the gym or are just starting a workout program, you can check out our guide to learn which weighted blanket weight is right for you and your muscle recovery.

Bearaby weighted blankets can be a great option for athletes who tend to overheat after a workout. Our signature chunky-knit design ensures that our blankets distribute weight evenly across your whole body without becoming overly warm. If you’re looking for an especially breathable option, you can try our moisture-wicking Tree Napper. Happy trails!