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What Is a Throw Blanket? And Can you use a Throw as a Blanket

Throw blankets are warm and cozy companions for chilly nights, and also a great way to express personal style. Keep reading to find out how to best  use throw blankets and how to differentiate them from other types of bedding.

What Is a Throw Blanket


Throw blankets are decorative yet functional pieces of bedding, and typically smaller than traditional blankets.

Bedspreads, comforters, and traditional blankets differ from throw blankets in design and purpose.

Throws can be repurposed in various ways, and adaptable to different seasons, with lightweight options like summer throws providing comfort without the sweat! 

Did you know?
In medieval times, knights would wear throw blankets as a sign of honor, displaying family crests or symbols on them during tournaments.

Throw blankets, often regarded as decorative accents, have become an indispensable part of modern home decor. Keep reading to explore how throw blankets are different from other types of bedding and to learn what the purpose of a throw blanket is.

What Is a Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket, in essence, is a small, decorative blanket made of a single layer of fabric, used for both decorative purposes and warmth. Throw blankets are lightweight yet warm, making them incredibly versatile.

While there are a variety of throw blanket sizes, the standard throw blanket is approximately 50 inches x 60 inches – it is meant to cover your body or to be thrown carelessly over your furniture for an effortless look, usually not your bed.

Throws are made from a variety of different materials, such as chenille, faux fur, satin, or even crushed velvet, as they don’t have to fit between sheets. Wool and cashmere are popular options, as they are warm and soft; synthetic materials, such as polyester fleece, are also popular for cooler nights.

If you’ve wondered what throws are used for, the answer is they can be used for pretty much anything. While throws are undeniably decorative, their functionality extends beyond mere ornamentation – you can cozy up on the couch while watching a movie, or layer it on top of your bedding if you want extra warmth on chilly evenings.

Moreover, as throws come in a wider variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns compared to traditional blankets, throw blankets are a great way to express personal style, whether through vibrant patterns or textured fabrics.

In addition to their decorative appeal and cozy functionality, throw blankets offer a touch of simple sophistication to a living space.

With the ability to transition seamlessly between seasons, throws are versatile accessories that enhance both comfort and aesthetics.They can serve as versatile accessories too, doubling up as picnic blankets, beach spreads, or even impromptu shawls!

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What Are Different Types of Bedding?

Bedspreads, comforters and traditional blankets all differ significantly from throw blankets, because they serve different roles in making your bedroom cozier. Understanding the differences between these bedding items allows homeowners to choose the most suitable options based on their preferences and needs.

Traditional Blankets

A blanket is designed to stay on your bed, as a comfortable sleeping partner for nighttime to add an extra layer of comfort and warmth in addition to your duvet. As blankets are meant to be bed coverings, they are designed to fit the bed sizes available on the market – in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Cotton is the most popular fabric for a traditional blanket, as it is warm, soft, and snuggly; down blankets, stuffed with the fluffy feathers from ducks and geese, are also suitable for colder weather. Artificial fibers like acrylic or polyester are also popular options, as these are durable and economical.

Bedspread vs. Blanket

What is a bedspread? Bedspreads are large, all-encompassing pieces that cover the entire bed, often reaching the floor, meant to serve substantial insulation. There are various types of bedspreads, ranging from traditional bedspreads with classic designs, quilted bedspreads which are characterized by stitching patterns that hold the layers together, and chenille bedspreads that have a soft, velvety plush look. The variety allows homeowners to choose bedding that complements their decor theme.

Comforters vs. Blanket

Comforters are thick, lofty bed covers filled with insulating material, offering plenty of warmth. They are commonly used as the topmost layer of bedding and come in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, down, or a combination of materials. They are known for their loftiness, which gives the bed a luxurious and cozy appearance. Comforters often feature decorative stitching or quilting to keep the filling in place and enhance the overall aesthetic.

The difference between a comforter and a blanket is mainly that blankets are thinner than comforters, but heavier and provide more warmth compared to throws. Blankets are perfect for layering during colder months, and are easy to care for, making them practical choices for everyday use. They are also available in different weights and materials; they are typically woven or knitted and can be made from cotton, wool, fleece, or synthetic fibers.

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Can You Use a Throw as a Blanket?

Although throws are primarily decorative, you can definitely use them as blankets too! If you have wondered what bed throws are, they are basically throw blankets that you use on your bed. Bed throws are lighter and more ornate than traditional blankets, offering a stylish touch without overwhelming the bed. They can be an elegant addition to bedding sets, specifically tailored for decorative purposes to enhance the overall aesthetic of the bed ensemble.

While bed throws – synonymous with throw bedding – might not provide the same level of warmth as heavy blankets or comforters, throws offer a comfortable layer for mild temperatures. Their versatility makes them ideal for snuggling on the couch, adding a layer of warmth during naps, or draping over your shoulders while reading a book.

In summer, when warmth takes a back seat to cool comfort, summer bed throws made from lightweight, breathable materials like cotton or muslin are popular choices. These summer bed throws add a pop of color or texture to the room while providing just the right amount of coverage for those slightly chilly evenings.

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Throw blankets are made from a diverse range of fabrics and patterns, and have emerged as indispensable elements in contemporary home decor. Their ability to seamlessly blend style and comfort makes them functional in every household. Whether draped gracefully over furniture or used for warmth, throws are an easy way to add charm and sophistication to living spaces.