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Where Should My Dog Sleep at Night?

A dedicated dog bed is the best place for your pup to rest their weary head at night. But depending on your dog’s personality, there might be other sleeping locations that they prefer, or ways you can make their bed more comfortable. Learn why dogs need their own beds and how you can help your pup get better rest.

Where Should My Dog Sleep at Night Time


Puppies are often crate trained during the night, but it’s important for their crate to be a comfortable space with a bed.

Co-sleeping with your dog can have several psychological benefits.

If you travel with your dog, bringing their bed along can help create a sense of home away from home. 

Did you know?
Dogs sleep 10-12 hours everyday on average.

Where should a dog sleep at night? If you’re a new pet owner, you might have a lot of questions about your pup. After all, they don’t come with an instruction manual!

The good news is, your dog’s sleep needs are not all that different from your own. A comfy, durable dog bed is the ticket to sweet dreams for most pups. There are just a few things to keep in mind when setting pups up for a restful night.

Popular Sleepings Spots for Dogs at Night

Finding a comfortable sleeping choice for your dog at night isn’t all that complicated. If you put yourself in your pup’s shoes (or paws) for a moment and consider what you’d find comfortable, chances are you’ll have a good sense of what will work for your dog.

When it comes to dog sleeping spots, the most popular options include crates, dog beds, and, of course, human beds. Picking the right spot is important, as good sleep is essential for dogs’ overall health and wellbeing. Plus, quality sleep can improve dogs’ mental functioning and even their memory.

Popular Sleepings Spots for Dogs at Night

In a Crate

Where should puppies sleep? It’s a tough question, since puppies tend to wake up frequently to do their business. They can also develop separation anxiety which makes it hard to sleep alone through the night.

As part of crate training, it’s a good idea to get your puppy comfortable sleeping in their crate at night. You can make this easier by introducing them to the crate environment with plenty of treats, and placing the crate close to your own sleeping space.

Remember, the crate should always be a welcoming place your pup can choose to rest in, not a punishment.

This doesn’t mean that your puppy doesn’t need a dog bed. In fact, you’ll want to make that crate as comfy as possible for your pup, so bring on the cushions and blankets! Just don’t leave anything in there that could make it harder for the puppy to move around.

In Your Bed

Once your puppy gets a little older and more responsible, you can start to give them more freedom to roam the house. But where they sleep is still an important decision, and you might find yourself facing another question: should your dog sleep inside vs. outside your room?

If you’re comfortable letting your dog share your bed, there are actually some potential benefits to co-sleeping with your dog. For some people, co-sleeping with pets can cause improvements after disruptions from sleep disorders.

Sharing your bed with your dog can help you both feel safer and more secure, and according to the American Kennel Club, it’s not likely to cause behavioral problems in your dog. That said, co-sleeping with your dog isn’t always the most comfortable sleeping arrangement for your dog — or for you.

Because dogs tend to get sleep in short stretches, rather than during one long snooze, they will likely wake up and move around during the night. This might wake you up or disturb your sleep. Depending on their size, it could also be difficult for your dog to get down off your bed if they need to during the night.

Whether you decide to co-sleep with your dog or not, it’s a good idea to keep a separate dog bed in the room just for them.

In a Dog Bed

Spoiler alert: this is the best place for your dog to sleep! Where it’s in your room or in the living room, under a shelf or elevated off the floor, a dog bed creates a dedicated cozy cocoon for your best friend to rest their head.

To provide a functional sleeping spot, the bed will need to be big enough and supportive enough for your dog. You’ll want to make sure the bed is easily accessible for your dog at all times, since dogs log their sleep hours on and off throughout the day.

This might mean keeping multiple beds throughout your home — especially if your dog is the type who prefers to nap close to you!

Where should my dog sleep at night time while traveling

Where should my dog sleep at night time while traveling?

Bring your dog bed on the road! If you and your dog are adventuring away from home, it’s important to take steps to recreate the comfortable routine they’re used to. Taking the dog’s bed along on your travels will give your four-legged friend a spot that looks, feels, and smells like home.

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Dogs have different sleep schedules and patterns than we do, but just like us, they need plenty of undisturbed sleep to stay happy and healthy — and sometimes they need a little extra help getting it!

While having a separate, dedicated dog bed is important, there are also many potential benefits to co-sleeping with your dog if you find it comfortable. Additionally, when your puppy is still small, nighttime is an important time for crate training, so it’s a good idea to invest in a bed that makes their crate a comfortable safe haven.

To keep pups happy and well-rested, a dog bed is an essential part of any dog owner’s home. By choosing a bed that fits your dog and your home, you can make sure that your dog has every opportunity to get the restorative rest they need.