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The Sleeper

The Sleeper | Bearaby.com

$ 269

A thoughtful weighted comforter, made of the finest eucalyptus fabric – breathable, body-contouring and delightfully heavy – for a better night’s sleep from day one.

Pick your size ? One weight does not fit all - the King size can be personalized for Two, with two weighted sides in one Sleeper
54" × 78"
74" × 78"
94" × 78"
Pick your weight (lbs) ? As a rule of thumb, the weight of your Sleeper should be roughly 10% of your body weight
94" × 78"
94" × 78"
94" × 78"
94" × 78"
94" × 78"
94" × 78"
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The Napper

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Medical research has shown that sleeping under weight makes us sleep and feel better.

Simple Science, Epic Sleep

The weight stimulates the production of serotonin (happiness hormone), reduces nighttime cortisol (stress-hormone) and increases melatonin (sleep hormone) for a deeper and more restful sleep, allowing the body to recharge over night.

Cool and delightfully heavy

The patented layered construction with air channels inside keeps the air circulating for a comfortable sleeping temperature. The body-contouring design enhances the surface area and optimizes the effectiveness of the weight

Which size and weight is right for me?


As a rule of thumb the Sleeper should be roughly 10% of your body weight (i.e. 150lb body weight = 15lb Sleeper weight).

If you are in between weight categories (i.e. 170), we recommend to go with the next higher weight category (i.e. 20lb).


54" × 78" | 137 x 198 cm

74" × 78" | 188 x 198 cm

94" × 78" | 239 x 198 cm

Please note that our Sleeper is made to fit the body and not the bed, to ensure the effectiveness of the weight. Thus, weighted comforters are a bit smaller than regular comforters. If you are sharing the comforter with a partner we recommend the King size comforter for both Queen and King mattress sizes.


The Sleeper lining is made from natural, sustainable materials such as organic cotton (50%) and eucalyptus fiber (50%).

The Queen and King Size Sleeper have zipper access in the middle for sharing and easy handling.

Care Instructions

The Sleeper needs to be washed separately, with no other items, in warm water (up to 30°C) on delicate or gentle cycle.

The Queen and King version can be unzipped and washed separately.

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Our unique glass sand filler is held within the lustrous fibers of the comforter, providing an evenly dispersed weight that gently relaxes the body for deeper and more restful sleep.



Our patented airflow channels allow hot air to escape and cool air to enter, helping you keep a comfortable sleeping temperature all night long.



Both the gorgeously soft cover and the luscious filler of the Sleeper are made from responsibly, farmed plant-based eucalyptus tree fabric. Kind to you, and Mother Earth.

Weighted bedding re-invented

sleeper materials
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Our air-channels are made with athletic textiles used in endurance sports to ensure comfort.

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Weighted with fine glass sand.

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Patented breathability through air-channels.

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Body-contouring design enhances surface area of the weight.


One size doesn't
fit all

As a rule of thumb, the weight of your Sleeper should be approximately 10% of your body weight. However, there are other factors - such as your napping goals and your lifestyle - that can play a part in deciding which Sleeper is right for you.

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