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14 Tips For How To Put A Throw Blanket On Your Bed

In this blog, we discuss classic tips for styling your throw blanket on your bed, couch, and other furniture. We also share ten practical tips to help you easily elevate the style of your living space.

14 Tips For How To Put A Throw Blanket On Your Bed


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Did you know?
In medieval Europe, throws were considered luxury items and were often used as decorative elements in castles and palaces.

Can a simple throw blanket transform the entire aesthetic of your bed or couch? The answer lies in the art of styling. In this blog, we delve into how you can elevate your space with a throw blanket.

Let’s dive in!

How To Style Throw Blankets On Your Bed

Here are several ways you can style throw blankets on your bed:

  1. Classic Fold: Neatly fold your throw into thirds or quarters and lay it across the foot of the bed. This works well with solid-colored throws that complement your bedding, creating a timeless and inviting look.
  2. Casual Toss: Opt for a casually tossed appearance by throwing a textured blanket across the bed. This method is perfect for achieving a relaxed and effortless vibe, especially with throws featuring fringe or subtle patterns.
  3. Diagonal Drape: Fold a decorative throw in half or thirds and drape it diagonally across the bed for a dynamic look. This adds a touch of asymmetry, making the bedding more visually attractive. Choose throws with bold patterns or vibrant colors for added impact.
  4. Layered Luxe: Create a luxurious atmosphere by layering multiple throws with different textures. For example, combine a soft cotton throw with a knit one. This layering technique adds depth and warmth to the bed, creating a cozy haven.
  5. End-of-Bed Cascade: Choose a throw with an elegant design or fringe and let it cascade over the end of the bed. This method adds a dramatic flair, creating a focal point in your bedroom. Consider a throw with metallic details for a touch of glamor.
  6. Corner Fold: Fold a throw into a triangle and place it folded at the bottom corners of the bed. This tailored approach adds a sophisticated touch, especially when using throws with intricate patterns or embroidery.
  7. Folded at the Half: Fold a sleek, solid-colored throw in half lengthwise and lay it along one side of the bed. This minimalist style emphasizes clean lines and simplicity, creating a modern and polished aesthetic.
  8. Mixed Textures: Combine a chunky knit throw with a silky-smooth one for a textured contrast. This mix of materials adds visual interest and tactile appeal, elevating the bed’s overall look.
  9. Styled with Pillows: Coordinate a patterned throw with matching accent pillows. This cohesive styling brings a sense of unity to the bed, creating a well-thought-out and visually appealing ensemble.
  10. Tucked Under Pillows: Place a folded throw under your pillows, allowing a hint of color or pattern to peek out. This subtle styling choice adds a touch of coziness without overwhelming the bed.
  11. Crossed Fold: Fold a throw into a square and cross it over the center of the bed. This draws attention to the throw’s design, making it a focal point. Choose throws with geometric patterns for a modern twist.
  12. Bed Runner Style: Lay a horizontally folded throw across the center of the bed, similar to a bed runner. This style adds a pop of color or pattern without covering the entire bed, offering a balanced and stylish look.
  13. Draped Over Headboard: If you have a headboard, drape a throw over it to add a touch of chic nonchalance. This draws attention to both the throw and the headboard, creating a visually interesting and unconventional focal point.
  14. Mismatched Layers: Embrace an eclectic look by layering throws of different sizes, colors, and patterns. For instance, combine a vintage-inspired floral throw with a modern geometric one. This style adds personality and a bohemian flair to your bed, showcasing your unique taste.

Now that you have 14 different throw-decorating styles to choose from, let’s look at ways you can adopt these styles to decorate with throw blankets on your couch as well.

How To Display A Throw Blanket On Your Couch

Displaying a throw on a couch can add warmth, texture, and style to your living space. Here are several ways to do it:

  1. Casual Draping: The simplest way is to casually drape the throw blanket over the back of the couch. Allow it to hang naturally for an effortless and relaxed look. This is perfect for creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere.
  2. Folded Elegance: Fold the throw neatly and place it across the couch’s seat cushions. This method adds a touch of elegance and order to your living room. Ensure the fold is straight and even for a polished appearance.
  3. Tossed Over the Arm: Toss the throw over one arm of the couch for a laid-back and slightly asymmetrical look. This gives the impression that the blanket is ready to be used, adding a casual and inviting vibe.
  4. Layering: Layering is a stylish way to display throws. Place multiple throws with different textures or patterns on the back of the couch. Mix and match to create a cozy and visually interesting focal point.
  5. Basket Storage: Use a decorative basket next to or under the couch to store your throw blankets. This not only keeps them easily accessible but also adds a touch of decor to the room.
  6. Rolled and Stacked: Roll the throw blanket neatly and stack it on the armrest or a side table. This method keeps the blanket within reach and adds a decorative element to the space.
  7. Corner Draping: Drape the throw blanket over one corner of the couch. This asymmetrical placement adds a touch of visual interest and can be a great way to highlight the design or color of the throw.
  8. Coordinate with Pillows: If you have accent pillows on your couch, coordinate the throw blanket with them. Either drape the throw over the pillows or fold it neatly alongside them for a cohesive and put-together look.
  9. Sofa Arm Accent: Lay the throw blanket over the armrest of the couch, allowing it to cascade down. This creates a stylish and functional accent, providing easy access to the blanket when needed.
  10. Incorporate with Cushions: Place the throw on the couch in a way that integrates with the cushions. This could involve folding it neatly between cushions or letting it spill over the edge for a relaxed, inviting feel.
  11. Tied or Belted: Tie a decorative belt or ribbon around the middle of the throw and place it over the back or arm of the couch. This adds a decorative touch and keeps the throw in place.
  12. Seasonal Arrangement: Change the display with the seasons. In colder months, drape a heavier, warmer throw over the couch; in warmer months, opt for a lighter, breathable throw for a refreshing look.

These styles will not only help elevate the look of your couch, but will also be great lounging companions when watching TV or grabbing a good book. In the next and last section, we list general tips for decorating with throw blankets.

Tips For Home Decorating With Throw Blankets

Here are some tips for decorating with throw blankets, be it in your dining area, kitchen, or just a general living space:

  1. Color Coordination: Choose throw blankets that complement your room’s color scheme. You can either opt for throws that match the existing color palette or introduce a pop of contrasting color for visual interest.
  2. Texture Variety: Experiment with different textures to add depth to your decor. Consider throws with varied textures, such as plushy, chunky knits, or smooth cotton. Mixing textures can create a more dynamic and inviting space.
  3. Pattern Play: Introduce patterns through your throw blankets. Whether stripes, chevron, or geometric prints, patterns can add a playful element to your decor. Just ensure they harmonize with the overall design of the room.
  4. Layering: Use throw blankets to layer on sofas, chairs, or beds. Layering different throws with varying textures and patterns can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, especially during colder seasons.
  5. Mix and Match: Don't be afraid to mix and match different throw blankets within the same space. Just ensure there's a unifying element, like a shared color or theme, to tie the diverse throws together cohesively.
  6. Seasonal Switch: Switch out your throw blankets seasonally. Lighter, breathable throws work well in warmer months, while heavier, warmer options can be introduced in the colder seasons. This not only keeps your decor fresh but also serves a practical purpose.
  7. Functional Style: Use throws not just for decoration but also for functionality. Keep a folded throw on the arm of a reading chair or draped over the corner of a sofa for easy access on chilly evenings. Our Plushknit Cocoon, for instance, is a soft, soothing blanket made with cozy, GRS-certified Plushknit. Its sublimely soft texture swaddles you in calm through even the coldest nights..
  8. Basket Storage: Store your throw blankets in decorative baskets. This keeps your throws organized and adds a stylish element to the room. Baskets come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one that complements your decor.
  9. Blanket Ladder or Basket Display: Consider displaying throws on a blanket ladder or in a stylish woven basket. This creates a visually appealing storage solution while showcasing your collection of throw blankets.


  10. Coordinate with Pillows: To add coherence to your decor, coordinate your throw blankets with accent pillows for a cohesive look. Matching or complementary colors and patterns between throws and pillows can tie the decor together seamlessly.


It is possible to master the art of home transformation with throw blankets – from classic folds to casual tosses, each method adds a unique charm. In this blog, we explored tips on layering, cascading, and draping your throw blankets in order to elevate your home space. Throw blankets are not just for warmth; they’re a canvas for creativity in your home.