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Wellness Musicians On The Connection Between Music And Rest

Hear what myndstream’s leading wellness artists have to say about the connections between music and rest. Then cozy up with your Napper, press play, and drift off into revitalizing rest with Bearaby and myndstream’s first-ever naplist.

Wellness Musicians On The Connection Between Music And Rest


To celebrate World Sleep Day 2021, we’ve partnered with our musical friends at myndstream to release a special ‘naplist’.

The naplist brings together a selection of calming soundscapes to help you relax and drift off into revitalizing rest – day or night.

Curious about the relaxing effect these soundtracks have, we asked a few of myndstream’s wellness artists to share their thoughts on the connection between their music and rest.

Did you know?
Studies have shown that listening to music with a tempo of about 60 beats per minute can have a calming effect and slow down heart rate, which helps the body relax and prepare for sleep.

Taking time to rest is one of the single most important acts of self-care. For World Sleep Day 2021, we’re prioritizing not only a good night’s sleep but also celebrating the restorative power of taking time to rest during the day. Join us in our mission of making naps guilt-free!

In partnership with myndstream, the go-to music for personal wellbeing, we’ve released our first-ever naplist. This relaxation playlist compiles an hour of calming soundscapes composed by myndstream’s leading artists to help you discover the power of the nap. Use the naplist as a tool to help you unwind and find a calm and collected rhythm to your day.

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In the next section, myndstream artists Laurence Furr, Carl Borden, Chris Haugen, and Michael Whalen, share more about the connections between their music, mood, and rest.

Laurence Furr

Laurence Furr is a Certified Clinical Musician and a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner.

How would you describe the connection between music and sleep?
“Certain kinds of music slows the heart rate and can even lower blood pressure. I’ve seen this happen in my work as a therapeutic musician. This helps us to relax, to heal, and ease the mind and body into a state of rest and sleep.”

When did you start using music as a tool for sleep?
“When I was six years old, I received my favorite Christmas gift of all time - a record player. I vividly recall with delight how I would put on my records and fell asleep as I listened to the music.”

Chris Haugen

Chris Haugen is a staple in the San Francisco music scene, having performed and published music with Phil Lesh, Ken Kesey, and Sean Penn. His music draws deeply on his 30-year yoga practice.

Which genre describes your compositions the best?
“Ambient or instrumental. I like my music to be an opportunity to slow down and drop in. Life can become so fast-paced and hectic.”

Which sounds do you think are the most soothing?
“It starts with nature. Listen to the ocean, the forest, the birds, the animals. Then make your instrument sound like that.”

Chris Haugen

Michael Whalen

Michael Whalen is a two-time Emmy® Award-winning composer.

Music seems to affect our mood naturally – can you share your first memory of when you experienced this mood-altering effect music can have?
“As a small child (3 or 4 years old), I had a stuffed bear that had a music box built into it. I loved falling asleep hugging the bear and listening to the gentle music it made. It’s one of my oldest memories…”

Can you share any evidence that supports the connection between music and sleep?
“I don’t have scientific data but I do have 30+ years of my fans telling me how much they love my music at nighttime and that they’ve put themselves and their children to bed with it every night. My first solo album, “Night Scenes” (1996), was written so my dad could fall asleep. It worked great!”

Chris Haugen

Carl Borden

Carl Borden is a multi-award-winning and Billboard charting record producer, composer, and audio engineer.

Do you have any sleep or relaxation rituals you’d like to share?
“Before I go to bed, I always like to do at least 20 minutes of breathing exercises and meditation. I find that by doing that, I can release the day and rest peacefully.”

How do sleep and rest affect your creative output?
“I can create so much better after I’ve rested. Sometimes, I can be working on a song, and nothing is going right. That’s when I know that it’s time for me to stop, close my eyes and rest for a little while. When I come back to the writing process, I feel refreshed and ready to work.”


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