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It’s Our 3rd Bearabirthday!

For our third birthday, we’re turning tradition on its head.

It’s Our 3rd Bearabirthday!


On December 5th, we’re celebrating our third birthday! And on our special day, we’re turning tradition on its head by sending you a self-care letter to your future self.

Today, we’re pairing an inspiring message with every purchase. We’ll take note of the message, and mail it back to you at some point in the future, for an unexpected moment of joy! Don’t forget to check your mailbox (yes, we are sending you a physical card – it’s the romantic in us).

In this post, you can read more about how to write to your future self and how to participate in our self-care birthday bash.

Did you know?
The oldest message in a bottle ever found was 132 years old found in sand dunes in Western Australia.

Bearaby turns 3 today, and we wanted to turn tradition on its head by sending some greeting cards out to our beloved community. We’re forever grateful for the support of our Bearabuddies, so we could think of no better way to celebrate our birthday than by spreading the message of self-care – into the future!

How To Write To Your Future Self

Have you ever sent yourself a self-care card? All too often, life simply gets too busy and we end up putting ourselves last, instead of prioritizing self-care. A great way to practice some self-care is to write a message to our future self.

It might seem simple to send a message to ourselves, but it’s actually quite hard. And it’s often not the writing that’s hard, but the reflection and care before the writing process. As always, remind yourself to be kind. Last year was tough on many of us and your message could be as simple as “ Go easy on yourself. You're doing great.”

You could also go a step further, reflect on the current state of your life and ask yourself a few mindful questions: How are you feeling right now? What lessons have you learned last year? How have some experiences this year shaped you? Or what are some lessons you want to have learned once you open your letter to your future self?


What Would You Say To Your Future Self?

Every self-care note is highly personal and will change over time. Our team at Bearaby has written some self-care reminders to their future selves, and here are some of those notes. We hope these serve as some inspiration for your own letter to your future self.

  • Take more time for rest
  • Be thankful
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Less is more
  • Your thoughts are powerful, make them positive
  • “No” is a full sentence
  • Don’t hold grudges
  • Have faith in yourself
  • Splurge sometimes
  • Rest is not a reward. You deserve to rest.
  • Do yoga
  • Never go to bed angry
  • You are allowed to change your mind
  • Keep exploring your feelings
  • Being yourself is a valid goal
  • Have a purpose that matters to you
  • Walk your own path
  • Don't allow the voice of your fears to hold you back
  • You get more by giving more
  • How Does It Work?

    For our birthday today, we are pairing an inspiring message to your future self with every purchase. We’ll take note of the message, and mail it back to you at some point in the future, for an unexpected moment of joy!

    After entering your shipping details, click the special prompt to write yourself a message. In the pop-up box, inspire your future self with a few kind words and we’ll take care of the rest – then be on the look out for a card in your mailbox at some point in the future.

    Thanks for being a true Bearabuddy – we wouldn’t be the same without you! Here’s to turning three and many more years of self-care.