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Meet The Nappling: A Weighted Blanket For Kids

Naps now come in all sizes. Meet the Nappling, our littlest (and cutest) Napper, a weighted blanket designed just for kids. No fillers, no freakouts. Just cool, organic cotton for deep natural sleep.

Meet The Nappling: A Weighted Blanket For Kids


Weighted blankets work wonders for children, just like they do for adults. Better sleep, lower stress, and happier days await with this weighted blanket for kids.

Just like our signature Napper weighted blankets, the Nappling is filler-free and made with 100% organic cotton. Parents can rest assured that their kids are wrapped up in a sustainable, all-natural product that’s as good for the planet as it is for tiny sleepers.

Every parent wants better sleep for their kids. The benefits of better sleep go a long way in a household, bringing calmer days and happier mornings for everyone.

Did you know?
Toddlers and preschool-aged children go through rapid growth spurts and brain development, night after night. When they sleep, new skills they learned that day are locked into their memory banks, which can lead to improved cognition as they grow.

Since we first launched Bearaby in 2018, we've been talking about the benefits of deep touch pressure, and how weighted blankets can help people sleep better, lower stress and anxiety, and increase happiness.

We've designed cooling, plant-based Nappers, cozy Cotton Nappers, limited edition-color Nappers (sorry, they're not coming back!), and most recently, an ocean-themed ombré Napper that may have been one of our best-looking weighted blankets yet.

Besides the love we've gotten from all you fans out there about how our weighted blankets have helped you with your sleep struggles and Sunday scaries, many of you have also written in and expressed how much your children have loved snuggling up under your Nappers. So we thought, well, what would a kid-sized version of a Napper look like?

After endless sample searches, color-tests, weight variations, and many, many internal discussions, we finally figured it out.

Introducing, The Nappling, our very first weighted blanket designed specially for children. We've taken all the qualities of our signature weighted blankets, and kid-ified them. Same cooling hand-knit design, same all-natural, breathable fabrics, same playful color combinations, and same evenly-distributed weight. Just smaller (and lighter, of course).

ginger toy nappling

Better Nights For Them, Blissful Mornings For Everyone.

While (some) adults can get by on a lack of sleep, kids aren't able to fight through the fatigue, or even express why they feel so...cranky! Parents want their children to be happy, and how they sleep (and wake up) has a huge effect on the way they’re able to interact with the world. When kids can’t fall or stay asleep, it’s frustrating for everyone involved.

As a company obsessed with sleep, and the science behind it, we wanted to use all the knowledge we've gained and create a product that can help more kids find better rest, naturally.

Using the science behind deep touch pressure therapy, the Nappling gives soft, comforting cuddles that result in deeper sleep and better moods for everybody.

What's Special About The Nappling?

Designed to be simple, safe and incredibly effective, the Nappling comes with some unique benefits.

No fillers, no freakouts. Just cool, organic cotton.

From the beginning, we’ve made our weighted blankets with all-natural materials and zero fillers, just fabric. The Nappling is no different - it's made from 100% organic cotton, both inside and out.

While other weighted blankets for kids are stuffed with plastic fillers, and made with synthetic fabrics, we're the only all-natural, filler-free weighted blanket on the block. Without a synthetic bead or fiber in sight, there’s no risk of overheating, skin irritation or uncomfortable, restless nights. We know that only the best is good enough, and that’s why we use the best, most breathable, natural materials we can find.

No artificial fillers, no noisy beads, helping restless children find a place of calm in a busy world.

Breathable design

We scaled down our innovative hand-knit design to give our Nappling the same breathability benefits. The loops of the Nappling allow air to flow and circulate, keeping kids cool, calm, and collected all night long. Easy-breezy, blanket squeezy.

relaxed with nappling

Machine-washable and spot-cleanable

We know kids have a tendency to play hard, and wanted to make sure their creativity wouldn’t be stifled (a blanket makes for an amazing cape, we’ve seen). That's why we made sure the Nappling is machine washable, so kids can use it however they please, and parents won't be left with a mess.

Sustainable through and through

Sustainability is at the core of what we do, and every decision is driven by it, from the materials we source to the plastic-free packaging we wrap around our Napplings. By securing the future of our planet through responsible design and innovative materials, we are securing a better and more fruitful future for our children.

We can all rest easy, knowing that our products aren’t harming the planet, now or in the days, months, and years to come.

How Weighted Blankets Work: Calming Cuddles For Your Most Precious Bundles

Studies have shown that kids love the feeling of having blankets piled on top of them. It makes them feel cuddled, cozy and safe. Our Nappling is designed to give them that exact feeling, whenever and wherever they want it.

The weight of the Nappling swaddling shoulders or even resting on a little lap creates a safe, comforting space. Plus we know kids love to fiddle and cozy up with soft objects. The tactile nature of the Nappling’s knitted loops offers an extra dimension of sensory stimulation when touched or fiddled with.

little girl with nappling

We know how hard it can be for kids to switch off after a long, fun day of learning and playing. Just like a hug from a caregiver or best friend, weighted blankets bring a wonderful feeling of calm, relaxation and comfort.

It’s truly magical.