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Meet the Ocean Hugger: Queen and King Sized Comfort

In honor of Earth Day, we’re releasing a brand new version of our Hugger weighted blanket that’s designed to fit your queen and king sized bed while giving back to the oceans, too!

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The Ocean Hugger is available in two sizes: Queen (20 lbs) and King (25 lbs)

Our GRS-certified upcycled fabric transforms ocean bound plastic into a soft, napworthy knit

Every Ocean Hugger prevents 600 plastic bottles from polluting our oceans 

Did you know?
The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface!

At Bearaby, we’re all about helping you find ways to sleep better, naturally! Our signature weighted blanket design delivers the calming benefits of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) with no plastic or glass beads, making for a truly sustainable night’s rest.

Over the years, we’ve released many different versions of our chunky knit design in different sizes, colors, and fabrics, to suit all different sleep styles!

When we started receiving many customer requests for a weighted for couples, we released the Cotton Hugger, a version of our Cotton Napper large enough to cover queen and king size beds — but we didn’t want to stop there. So this Earth Day, we’re proud to announce a brand new addition to the Hugger collection: the Ocean Hugger!

Fit For A Queen (Or King!)

The Ocean Hugger is made of cool, crisp upcycled fabric and comes in two size options: Queen (20 lbs, 60” x 80”) and King (25 lbs, 76” x 80”). These sizes have been carefully determined by our sleep scientists to fit you and your bed. If you share your bed with a partner, you can also share your Hugger, distributing the weight evenly between the two of you.

To suit your personal home decor style, the Ocean Hugger is available in four of our core colorways: Asteroid Grey, Moonstone Grey, Midnight Blue, and Driftwood.

Asteroid Grey

Our Asteroid Gray colorway blankets your bed in a galaxy of calm. This classic, deep colorway brings perfectly snuggle-worthy style to any home aesthetic.

Moonstone Grey

Float away to the milky way with our neutral Moonstone Gray colorway. This soft, subtle shade is one small step for naps, one giant leap for peace of mind!

Midnight Blue

Our dreamy Midnight Blue colorway adds a bold and beautiful accent to any bedroom color palette. Stretch out under the night sky and drift among the stars.


Our sandy, oat-shade Driftwood colorway will help you cozy up below deck while you set sail for the land of nod.

Wondering how the Ocean Hugger can help you sleep better? It all comes down to the science behind weighted blankets! When you rest under gentle, even weight, it sends your body the signal that you are safe and secure, prompting your nervous system to relax and reset. It’s a natural, drug free way to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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Made To Share

With multiple fabric and weight options to choose from, which Hugger is right for you? This will depend mainly on your personal snuggle preference!

Our 30 lb Cotton Hugger is a good fit for queen size beds, and for couples who have already used a weighted blanket and know that they prefer a heavier weight option to share.

Our 20 lb Ocean Hugger is designed to fit queen size beds, and it’s a good choice for couples who want a slightly lighter weight option, or solo sleepers who’d like their blanket to cover the full mattress

If you have a king size bed and you want your weighted blanket to cover the full bed, you’ll want to go for our 25 lb Ocean Hugger.

Of course, if it’s your first time using a weighted blanket and you’re sleeping solo, you may want to read up on our other blankets like our Cotton Napper and Tree Napper, which are sized to fit your body, rather than your bed.

These classic weighted blankets are available in lighter weight options, starting with our very lightest 6 lb Nappling.

Queen Weighted Blanket

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Queen Weighted Blanket cta

Hand-knit for two

Hand-knitted huggable comfort

Covers the entire bed

Dive In
Queen Weighted Blanket cta

Cocoonable, couchworthy perfection

Sleep tips for restful nights

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Ocean Friendly, People Kind

The Ocean Hugger gets its name from the sustainable fabric it’s made out of!

Each Ocean Hugger is hand-knitted out of crisp, cool, GRS-certified upcycled polyester. To make this fabric, we transform oceanbound plastic into a soft, napworthy knit — and each Ocean Hugger prevents 600 plastic bottles from polluting our oceans.

Like all our products, the Ocean Hugger is also Plastic Negative certified as part of our ongoing partnership with rePurpose Global, helping to remove additional plastic from the oceans and protect marine ecosystems.


We know that our marine ecosystems are one of Earth’s most precious resources, which is why we’re doing everything we can to protect and preserve our oceans.

It all starts with our plastic-free supply chain. Every Bearaby product is shipped inside a natural cotton bag in an FSC-certified box — no plastic wrap or “poly bags” involved.

By taking the next step and turning recycling ocean bound plastic into soft, huggable napping companions like the Ocean Hugger (and funding additional cleanup efforts through rePurpose Global), we’re working hard to do our part to clean our coastlines through every part of the production process.

Whether you’re looking for a weighted blanket for two, or bed-sized comfort just for you, the Ocean Hugger is ready to help you set sail for dreamland and give back to the ocean along the way!