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Weighted Blankets vs Comforters – What’s the Difference?

The main difference between weighted blankets and comforters is that the added mass in a weighted blanket applies deep touch pressure as you lay under it. This promotes calmness through a reduction in cortisol and a boost to serotonin. Beyond the basics, these types of bedding can also differ in everything from pricing to how well they insulate.

weighted blanket vs comforter


Comforters act as an insulator designed to keep you warm as you sleep, but they’re much lighter than weighted blankets.

Weighted blankets are designed to be 10% of your body mass. This activates deep touch pressure which affects hormone production, relieving stress and aiding sleep.

If you’re looking for help with sleep troubles, you may want to try a weighted blanket as multiple studies show they can have a positive impact while keeping you warm. 

Did you know?
Many people find weighted blankets too warm because of plastic beads that insulate and redistribute the body’s heat. That’s just one of the reasons we went with a different approach, using sustainable materials to create a breathable and eco-friendly option

Looking to create the comfiest nighttime nest in town? Finding yourself overwhelmed with the many bedding options?

Weighted blankets vs comforters might be the final contest at the end of that journey. But at first glance it can be hard to see how they’re different.

Over the years, weighted blankets have gained recognition for being a powerful tool that queues calmness and promotes sleep. Many of the differences between weighted blankets and comforters lie in those therapeutic benefits.

What’s a Comforter?

The term comforter itself can cause a bit of confusion as people often mistake it for a duvet. They’re similar, but a duvet has a removable cover.

Take away that sleeve and you have a poufy comforter that drapes over your bed.

Comforters come in a variety of fabrics from bamboo to velvet, and they’re stuffed with materials like cotton or down feathers.

The role of these big fabric clouds is insulator, and they’re designed with colder rooms or climates in mind.

So if you’re someone who runs cold, they might be what you’re looking for

What’s a Weighted Blanket?

While comforters tend to be bulky, they’re not all that heavy, coming in at about 6 pounds on the beefy end.

Weighted blankets, on the other hand, wouldn’t be doing their job for most people if they were that light.

It depends on the person, but as a general rule weighted blankets should be about 10% of your body weight to stimulate deep touch pressure – a therapeutic release of hormones like serotonin. That’s a 20-pound blanket if you weigh 200 pounds.

To reach the right weight, different companies use different methods. Glass or plastic beads sewn into compartments are common, but harmful to the environment. That’s why Bearaby weighted blankets are made with weighted yarn that allows them to hit the right number on the scale while being eco-friendly.

Advantages of a Comforter

Knowing the different aims of these blankets, let’s go over some of the advantages of the comforter.

  1. Provides warmth. Different materials insulate better than others, but most comforters get the job done. If you have one filled with down, it’s about as warm as it gets.
  2. Several pricing options. You can find comforters for almost any budget. As with most products, the pricier options tend to be made with higher-quality materials.
  3. Light, fluffy bedding. While weighted blankets provide a calming grounding sensation via their weight, some feel more comfortable with a lighter, softer touch.
  4. A wide variety of aesthetics. These days you can get comforters in just about any design – classic color palettes, floral designs, or even your favorite cartoon characters

Those looking to purchase this type of bedding should expect something more traditional that will keep them warm when the temperature starts to dip.

Disadvantages of a Comforter

While comforters are the all-around option for bedding, there are some things to look out for

  1. They’re designed for cold sleepers. If you get cold easily, a down comforter might be just the thing for you. But if you’re someone who runs hot, you may end up kicking it off before long.
  2. They’re difficult to wash. Most comforters can’t be tossed in the washing machine, so you’ll need to bring them to a professional dry cleaner which could run up a tab.

Advantages of a Weighted Blanket

The most important characteristic of any weighted blanket is its therapeutic weight, so it won’t come as a surprise that many of the advantages are related to that.

Here are just a few

  1. Promotes sleep. Weighted blankets create deep touch pressure, boosting the body’s natural serotonin production. In turn, this helps you produce melatonin, your best friend when it comes to sleep.
  2. Reduces stress. That same therapeutic touch reduces levels of a third hormone called cortisol – the stress hormone. This helps you to feel safe and secure, like you’re getting a big, calming hug.
  3. Natural treatment for mental health. Several studies have looked at how weighted blankets can benefit mental health. One found that weighted blankets gave relief to symptoms of depression, while another study reported successful use of weighted blankets as a treatment for anxiety.
  4. Stylish designs. It may seem strange to include the same strength for comforters and weighted blankets, but… Bear with me! If style is important to you when choosing your bedding, our weighted blankets might be a helpful option. They have a classic hand-knitted look and come in soothing colors like Evening Rose and Maple

Not all weighted blankets are created equal, so they don’t all share the same benefits. But that means you have plenty of styles to choose from. Options like our cooling weighted blanket made from moisture-wicking TENCEL™, could be helpful if you tend to get too hot under a comforter

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Disadvantages of a Weighted Blanket

It’s not all sunshine and roses all the time, though.

Here are a couple of the disadvantages of weighted blankets:

  1. They can be too hot. Like comforters, weighted blankets can also be hot for some, especially if they are made conventionally using fillers for weight.
  2. They can be expensive. Improving your mental health is often an investment, and so are the tools that help get you there. But if you’re on a budget, you could always turn to DIY solutions.
weighted blanket vs comforter

Weighted Blanket Vs. Comforter: What’s the Better Choice?

When deciding on whether to use a comforter or a weighted blanket, there are a handful of questions to ask yourself.

How has your sleep been up until this point?

Are you facing any mental health issues that might be impacting your ability to rest?

Do you live in a colder part of the world and need something that’ll give you guaranteed insulation?

Is price another issue?

Weigh the pros and cons for yourself, knowing that there are many options available. Bearaby offers warmer weighted blankets like the Velvet Napper, for example. And there are larger options like the queen size weighted blanket that could almost be considered a weighted comforter.

You could even try using a weighted blanket and a comforter together. When it comes to creating your personal sleep haven, there are no rules – it’s all about finding what’s right for you!


Comforters are a great way to keep warm in bed with a variety of casing and filling options. They’re also much lighter than weighted blankets, which must be heavy to trigger a variety of therapeutic benefits.

The difference between comforters and weighted blankets is that comforters are purely for warmth. Weighted blankets, while also keeping you warm, act as an aid to sleep and mental health