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What Is A Fever Dream And Can It Be Good?

Fever dreams are a natural response to your body’s elevated temperature when you are sick. These dreams can be intense, unusual, and even emotionally charged, but are generally temporary and tend to vanish as your fever subsides. In this blog, we talk about all things fever dreams and give you tips on what to do to cope.

What is A Fever Dream


Fever dreams occur when your body’s temperature rises as it fights off an illness.

Typically, fever dreams do not contain any significant meaning.

While fever dreams can be bizarre, they tend to fade away as your fever subsides. 

Did you know?
Many artists have drawn inspiration from their fever dreams to create abstract works of art.

Have you ever found yourself in a dream so vivid and strange that it feels like you’ve taken a wild trip to a make-believe world? If so, you might have experienced what’s known as a “fever dream.” These dreams are a bit like a rollercoaster for your imagination, and they tend to show up when you have a high fever. But what exactly are fever dreams, and why do they happen? Read on to find out.

What Is A Fever Dream?

A fever dream is when you have a really strange and vivid dream while you're sick with a high fever. When your body temperature rises, your imagination can start creating all sorts of unusual mental pictures and thoughts.

These dreams might not make much sense, and they can be quite intense, so remember that these dreams are not real; they're just a product of your fever. Once your fever goes away, these dreams usually disappear too, and you'll be back to feeling like yourself.

What Are Fever Dreams Like?

Fever dreams feel like intense, colorful movies in your head. They’re vivid and might show weird and wild things like an upside-down world with rivers flowing in rainbow colors. You might also feel emotions very strongly, like happiness, fear, or excitement, just as in regular dreams. Strangely, fever dreams can feel very real, even though they're not.

Do Fever Dreams Mean Anything?

Can a fever dream have a meaning? Fever dreams don’t usually have a special meaning. They're more like random creations of your mind when your body is dealing with a fever. So, no need to worry about hidden messages or meanings in these dreams.

Now that we’ve covered some basics, let’s look at what causes fever dreams in the first place.

Why Do You Have Weird Dreams When You're Sick?

Why Do You Have Weird Dreams When You're Sick?

When you're sick and have a fever, your body goes through some interesting internal changes, and those can lead to weird dreams. Here's why:

1. Elevated Body Temperature: When you're sick, your body temperature goes up, and this higher temperature can make your brain act a little differently than usual.

2. Brain Activity: The increased body temperature can make your brain more active and creative, which is why you might have such unusual and vivid dreams.

3. Vivid Imagination: Your brain loves to create all sorts of images and stories, and when you're not feeling well, it can go into overdrive. That’s when you start experiencing weird and wacky dream adventures.

4. Stress and Discomfort: Being sick is not fun, and it can be stressful and uncomfortable. These feelings can also influence your dreams, as your mind is trying to deal with how you're feeling.

5. Random Thoughts: Sometimes, the things you dream about during a fever are just random thoughts and images your brain strings together. It's like your brain is playing with a jigsaw puzzle made of your memories and thoughts.

Is A Fever Dream Medical?

Fever dreams themselves are not a medical condition. Instead, they're more of a natural side effect of a high fever. Fever dreams usually go away when your fever passes or when you recover from the illness causing the fever.

Can Antibiotics Cause Nightmares?

Antibiotics are medicines used to fight off infections caused by bacteria. Taking an antibiotic is generally pretty safe, but in some cases, like when you have a fever, can lead to strange dreams or nightmares, for a few reasons:

Side Effects: Some antibiotics can have side effects, and one of them might be unusual dreams or nightmares. These side effects can temporarily affect how your brain works.

Disruption of Sleep: Antibiotics can sometimes disrupt your sleep patterns. When your sleep is not as restful as usual, you might remember your dreams more, and if they're weird or scary, they could feel like nightmares. Sometimes, lack of sleep increases body temperature and if your fever gets worse, you could end up having fever nightmares.

Illness Connection: If you're taking antibiotics because you're sick, the illness itself can also influence your dreams.

But the good news is that these dream changes are usually temporary. Once you finish your antibiotics and start feeling better, your dreams should go back to normal. If you're concerned about nightmares or strange dreams while taking antibiotics, it's always a good idea to talk to your doctor. They can help you understand what's going on and might be able to adjust your treatment if needed.

Can You Have Fever Dreams While Awake?

Can You Have Fever Dreams While Awake?

Fever dreams are typically associated with the dream state, which occurs during sleep. While it's uncommon to have fever dreams while awake, you might experience vivid daydreams or hallucinations when you're awake, especially if you have a high fever. These experiences can feel the same as fever dreams that occur during sleep because of similar intensity and surreal content.

Can Fever Dreams Be Good Dreams?

Absolutely, fever dreams can sometimes be good dreams! In fact, some people have fever dreams that are really exciting, adventurous, and even fun. Imagine you're in a magical world, flying with unicorns, or having amazing superpowers — these can be the kinds of fever dreams that make you wake up with a smile on your face. So, just like regular dreams, fever dreams can be a mix of good and bad experiences. It all depends on what your brain decides to conjure up while you're under the weather.

So, how does all of this manifest in your dream? Let’s talk about this in the next section.

What Are Some Symptoms Of Fever Dreams?

Curious about fever dream symptoms? Fever dreams don't come with specific symptoms like a cough or a runny nose, but you might notice some signs that you're experiencing them can include:

1. Vivid and Unusual Dreams: You might dream about things that are out of the ordinary or even bizarre, like your toothbrush becoming a magic wand.

2. Emotional Rollercoaster: You might feel really happy, scared, excited, or even confused during a fever dream.

3. Realistic Feel: Sometimes, fever dreams can feel so real that you might think they're actually happening. It's like your mind takes you to another world.

4. Difficulty Remembering: Because fever dreams are so strange, you might have trouble remembering them once you wake up. They can be a bit like a blur.

So, while you’re in this feverish dreamland, does your brain suffer any significant consequences? This is what we discuss next.

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What Are The Effects Of A High Fever On The Brain?

It is indeed true that a high fever can have some interesting effects on the brain. Let’s see what some of these are:

  • Increased Cognitive Activity
  • Sensory Changes
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Fever Dreams 

Having covered fever dreams in detail, let's see how this compares to other kinds of dreams like nightmares and lucid dreams.

How Are Fever Dreams Different From Other Dreams?

Fever dreams are a bit different from normal dreams, nightmares, and even lucid dreams.

Here's how they stand out:

Fever Dreams vs. Normal Dreams:

Fever dreams often feel more intense and vivid than regular dreams.They're usually influenced by your body's elevated temperature, making them stranger and more surreal. Normal dreams can be quite creative, but fever dreams tend to be even more unpredictable and bizarre.

Fever Dreams vs. Nightmares:

While both fever dreams and nightmares can be intense, not all fever dreams are scary. Nightmares are typically unsettling or frightening experiences. Nightmares often wake you up in a state of distress, while you might not wake up from a fever dream feeling scared.

Fever Dreams vs. Lucid Dreams:

Lucid dreams are when you're aware that you're dreaming and can sometimes control the dream's events. Fever dreams are usually less controllable and feel more chaotic.

Simply put, fever dreams are their own unique category of dreams. They're often wilder and more unpredictable than normal dreams, not always scary like nightmares, and less controlled than lucid dreams.

Can you prevent fever dreams though? Let’s find out in the next section.

Can You Stop Fever Dreams?

So, are there any tips and tricks on how to stop fever dreams? Unfortunately, you can't exactly stop fever dreams on their own. They usually happen when your body temperature goes up due to a fever, and it's your brain's way of reacting to that. What you can do, though, is try to treat the fever itself, so here are a few things that might help:

1. Rest: Make sure you get plenty of rest to help your body fight off the fever.

2. Stay Hydrated: Drinking lots of fluids like water, juice, or soup can help your body recover.

3. Medicine: Sometimes, a doctor might recommend fever-reducing medicine, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. This can help lower your fever, and when the fever goes down, the fever dreams often disappear too.

4. Comfort: Keeping yourself comfortable and not getting too hot can also make a difference.

But what about other methods like “sweating out” a fever? Let’s look at this more closely in the next section.

Can I Just Sweat Out A Fever?

Is there any science behind sweating out a fever? The process of "sweating out" a fever is a popular notion, but let's explore the science behind it.

When your body is fighting off an infection, like a virus or bacteria, it raises its internal temperature to create a less hospitable environment for the invaders. This increase in body temperature triggers various responses:

  1. Immune System Activation
  2. Slowing Down Pathogens
  3. Enhanced Immune Response 

Now, here's where the "sweating out" part comes in. As your body temperature rises, you might start to sweat. Sweating is a way your body cools itself down. When sweat evaporates from your skin, it takes some of the heat with it, helping to lower your body temperature.

Does this help with decreasing the fever? Not necessarily. Sweating in itself is not going to help you recover from your fever. What is helpful instead is to rest and stay hydrated.


Fever dreams are like unexpected adventures your brain takes when your body is fighting off a fever. They can be vivid, unusual, and sometimes a bit bizarre. These dreams are not usually a cause for concern and tend to fade away as your fever subsides.

To recover from your fever, rest a lot, stay hydrated, take your prescribed medications, and find comfort. Our Cotton Napper makes for a soft and breezy napping partner. The next time you find yourself in the middle of a fever dream, remember that it's just your body's way of coping with being unwell and it should be over soon.