Is a 15 lb weighted blanket good for insomnia? What about anxiety?


Research shows that regularly sleeping under weight can help lull insomnia and ease anxiety. In fact, weighted blankets bring a range of health benefits.

Using the fundamentals of deep touch pressure (DTP) to activate pressure points, weighted blankets cue a series of chemical reactions in your body that help reduce high cortisol, increase serotonin, and boost melatonin levels. This sleep-inducing combination leaves you more relaxed and can benefit your overall wellbeing.

There’s an entire section on the science-backed benefits of sleeping under weight in this definitive guide on weighted blankets.

Can I use a 15 lb weighted blanket every night?


Absolutely! As long as you feel comfy and cozy while using your weighted blanket, you’re good to go (or stay in and snooze!).

Remember, sleeping under a 15 lb weighted blanket is perfect for both naptime and nighttime. Treat yourself to an afternoon nap and notice the difference...

Can you wash a 15 lb weighted blanket?


Yes, all our weighted blankets are machine washable.

How heavy is a 15 pound weighted blanket?


Resting under a 15 pound weighted blanket feels like a gentle, full-body hug.

Did you know that a fully-grown koala weighs a little over 15 pounds? Just imagine the warmth of a snuggle from one of these cute, cuddle-loving little creatures!

How heavy should a weighted blanket be?


A weighted blanket should weigh roughly 10% of your body weight. For someone who weighs 150 pounds, your best bet is our 15 lb weighted blanket. If you’re closer to 200 pounds, try our 20 lb weighted blanket.

As long as you're comfortable and feel cozy, going beyond the 10% rule is totally safe, and sometimes even recommended. We delve into this question a little deeper in our blog post "How heavy should a weighted blanket be?”

How much does it cost to ship a 15 lb weighted blanket?


We offer free shipping and hassle-free returns within the USA. Read more about shipping options here

What shipping options do you offer for Canada?


We offer FedEx Economy and Priority Shipping to Canada. Prices will vary based on your location.

Do you ship internationally?


We currently only ship within the US and to Canada but we’re working on international shipping options. Watch this space!