Un-Bear-able weight

Looking for the ultimate source of Deep Touch Pressure? Need to get flattened like a pancake in order to feel calm? Jumbo Benji is up to the task! This 50 lb weighted bear is designed to smother away your worries on those extra sleepless nights.


Benji Bear is making gains

For years, people have asked us to make a heavier weighted blanket: something that makes tossing and turning truly impossible.

This is why Jumbo Benji is 4x the size of a regular Bearabuddy and heavier than our heaviest weighted blanket — and our advanced product testers are already piling on the praise. 


“I haven’t made it to the office in months because I’m stuck under Jumbo Benji. It’s like being crushed by a panini press — so relaxing!”

- Kathrin Hamm, Founder of Bearaby

“Sleeping under Jumbo Benji is like being compressed into a .zip file”
Meg A.


“So heavy, it crushes the anxiety right out of me”
Enorma S.

“So heavy, it crushes the anxiety right out of me”
Enorma S.



Big feelings call for big stress relief

Sometimes a regular weighted plushie just won’t cut it, and only 50 lbs of Bearabulky will do.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our oversized weighted stuffed animals are launching on April 1, 2024! You can sign up to be the first to meet Jumbo Benji and friends when they come out of hibernation very soon.

Jumbo Benji is 4x the size of a regular Bearabuddy and needs 4x the attention. Jumbo Benji’s favorite activities include napping, sleeping, dozing, and resting, but we recommend taking him for a daily walk so that he gets plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Many people find that their Bearabulky makes a stupendously stylish accent piece next to their couch, armchair, or bed. In fact, we asked Jumbo Benji, and he says he’s happy to curl up in any cozy corner!

Keep in mind that Jumbo Benji measures 32” x 71” and weighs 50 lbs, so you’ll want to find a spot where he fits just right.


The bear’s out of the bag

Okay, you called it: we’re not really launching a plushie four times the size of our Bearabuddies. Instead, we’re adding four brand new Bearabuddies to our weighted plushie collection! Meet the April Snooze Collection:

Suzy Sloth, Cody Cow, Daisy Dino, and Darcy Dog.



A One-Of-A-Kind Bear

Even though we aren’t really launching Bearabulky, we did knit together one very special oversized bear for a very special cause. We’re happy to share that the real Jumbo Benji is spreading joy and laughter at his new forever home: the Child Mind Institute in Harlem!

The Child Mind Institute is dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders by giving them the help they need to thrive.