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The Sleeper

The Sleeper - Weighted Blanket | Bearaby

$ 249

Pick your size ? One weight does not fit all - the King size can be personalized for Two, with two weighted sides in one Sleeper
54" × 78"
74" × 78"
94" × 78"
Pick your weight (lbs) ? As a rule of thumb, the weight of your Sleeper should be roughly 10% of your body weight
94" × 78"
94" × 78"
94" × 78"
94" × 78"
94" × 78"
94" × 78"
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The Napper Midnight blue is Sold out.
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The Bearaby Sleeper is the world’s first weighted comforter, custom designed to deliver the maximum benefits of weighted sleep without the discomfort of traditional weighted blankets.

Bearaby developed a patented layered construction with air channels inside The Sleeper to keep air circulating and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

While traditional weighted blankets only come in one size, the Bearaby Sleeper is available in three sizes to custom fit every mattress. It’s also the only weighted bedding that can be shared with a partner and customized for each of you.

Size chart

54" × 78" | 137 x 198 cm

74" × 78" | 188 x 198 cm

94" × 78" | 239 x 198 cm


Bearaby weighted bedding is made from natural, sustainable materials such as organic cotton and eucalyptus.

The Materials are:
50% Tencel and 50% Cotton

The Queen and King Size Sleeper has zipper access in the middle for sharing and easy handling.


The Sleeper needs to be washed separately, with no other items, in lukewarm water (upto 104°F) on gentle cycle.

For the Queen and King version you can unzip and wash both halves separately on gentle cycle.

Avoid spinning.

Flat Dry.