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Reshaping Halloween Rituals To Take Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger leads a global movement pushing for long-term change against life-threatening hunger. With teams in 46 countries, this charity’s committed to creating better ways to treat and prevent acute malnutrition in children. Read more on how the world’s hunger specialist is saving lives, how we’re supporting this cause, and how you can help.

Reshaping Halloween Rituals To Take Action Against Hunger


In the spirit of reshaping rituals, we teamed-up with health food brand This Saves Lives for an impact-driven Halloween collection.

With every delivery of a Bearaby & This Saves Lives bundle, we send $10 to the humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger – a global charity that’s been leading the charge against life-threatening hunger for more than 40 years.

Here’s more on how Action Against Hunger is acting courageously to fight acute childhood malnutrition and working to end world hunger.

Did you know?
In 2019, Action Against Hunger helped more than 17 million children and their families.

Even though we’re stuck indoors this year, the purchases we make we can still have a positive impact outside of our homes. At the heart of our latest partnership, a blanket-and-bar bundle, lies a reminder that the choices we make affect others.

As a sustainable weighted blanket company committed to the health and well-being of others, we’re putting our ethos into action by supporting Action Against Hunger in fighting world hunger.

action against hunger

In collaboration with health food brand This Saves Lives, we’re setting the scene for a happy Halloween at home while spreading joy that reached beyond our Napperhood – and lasts much longer than candy. We’re reshaping rituals by encouraging parents to snuggle up under a halloween napper blanket, have a nutritious This Saves Lives bar, and start a conversation about helping others.

this saves lives

Each purchase from this limited Halloween-themed run sends $10 to Action Against Hunger. Through their nutrition and health programs, packets of life-saving Plumpy’Nut, a nutrient-rich peanut paste that treats malnutrition, is distributed to children in need.

Acute Childhood Malnutrition Is On The Rise

Statistics show:

  • Globally, 47 million children are acutely malnourished, and 14.3 million of these kids suffer from severe acute malnutrition – the deadliest form of hunger.
  • Almost 90% of children who complete hunger treatment are cured; however, fewer than 1 in 3 severely malnourished children can access hunger treatment.
  • Researchers predict that the pandemic-present can lead to a near-future where another 6.7 million children fall into acute malnutrition.
  • Unless we act swiftly, this can lead to an additional 10 000 child deaths per month.

Taking Decisive Action Is Crucial

Action Against Hunger tackles the causes and effects of hunger that threaten the lives of vulnerable children. The increasing number of young children at risk of becoming acutely malnourished demands decisive action that has a lasting impact, now more than ever before.

The World Food Programme – winner of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize – echoes Action Against Hunger’s message. According to recent projections, the number of people facing food crises can double in the coming months, and support for organizations like Action Against Hunger is vital.

action against hunger

So, beyond a blanket-and-bar bundle, what can you do? Head over to Action Against Hunger’s website to find out how you can help kids like Abdi.

Meet Abdi

Six-month-old Abdi was treated for malnutrition at one of Action Against Hunger’s centers in southwest Somalia. His mother, Halima, hopes that he will have the chance to attend school and become a teacher.
“We don’t have many teachers in our community, and that’s why I want my son to become a teacher so that he can give back to the community by educating and empowering them,” she says.

Halloween is just one day, but the joy of helping others by being mindful of what we consume lasts much longer.

abdi baby

Photo credit: Fardosa Hussein for Action Against Hunger, Somalia