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Bearaby & The Hyppo Partner To Sweeten Up Stay-At-Home Days Of Summer

Sweeten up staying home and laying low with Bearaby and The Hyppo’s cool blanket-and-popsicle collab. The Napsicle – our new ombre weighted blanket – is inspired by (and comes with!) The Hyppo’s new fruity ice pops.

Bearaby & The Hyppo Partner To Sweeten Up Stay-At-Home Days Of Summer


The Napsicle (our new ombre weighted blanket) introduces our most refreshing combo yet – it comes bundled with six of The Hyppo’s gourmet fruit popsicles.

Choose your favorite fruity hue from the Napsicle collection: Mango Siesta, Watermelon Dreams, and Blueberry Nights; couple it with a fresh ice pop and soak up the lazy days of a stay-at-home summer.

Both our Napsicle weighted blanket and The Hyppo’s gourmet pops are handcrafted with natural, sustainable ingredients so that you and our planet can find rest, relaxation, and sweet relief.

Did you know?
The first record of ice pops dates back to 1872, with the concept of “ice on a stick” patented for the first time in 1923.

The lazy days of late summer have come strolling along. To keep up with this unhurried pace, and ward off looming wanderlust, we collaborated with our chilled-out partners over at The Hyppo to sweeten up staying home with two of summer’s simplest pleasures: naps and popsicles!

We’re thrilled to introduce our most refreshing bundle yet, the Napsicle. What does the Napsicle bundle-offer include? Wondering how this weighted blanket and ice pop collab came about?

Here are the ins and outs of our brand-new, limited-edition Napsicle bundle, and the story behind the unexpected partnership that brought it to life.

Introducing: The Napsicle Collection

The Napsicle is a limited-edition knitted weighted blanket bundled with six of The Hyppo’s fresh fruit ice pops.

Like the gourmet popsicles included in each purchase, our new ombre Napsicles are available in three fruity options: Mango Siesta, Watermelon Dreams, and Blueberry Nights.

mango siesta blanket

Mango Siesta - It takes two to mango

Bright, sweet, and refreshing. Let this mango blanket-and-ice- pop pairing transport you to a shady oasis, lounging under the leaves of magnificent mango trees, reminiscent of a sunny Chilean day.

watermelon dreams blanket

Watermelon Dreams - Sweet, refreshing dreams

Make your summer catnap even sweeter, with the Watermelon Napsicle. Enjoy your watermelon and hibiscus pop and then drift off to dreamland, where this pale pink pairing washes over you in cool relief.

blueberry nights blanket

Blueberry Nights - Get ready for a berry nice nap

Hanging in a hammock, wrapped in your Napsicle, with a Blueberry Lavender ice pop in hand, gently sway your way to a tranquil summer wonderland.

Wave Goodbye To Wanderlust

Travel might still be off the table, but our nap ‘n pop combo can transport you to a wonderland of fruit-filled aromas and deliciously delicate flavors before you drift off to dreamland.

With staying home still top priority, cozying up under a Napsicle – with your favorite fruity freezer pop in hand – effortlessly sets the scene for sensory adventures while laying low and resting up.

Setting The Scene For Laying Low

Practicing simple, sustainable self-care is a big deal in the Napperhood. And we’ve never been more passionate about slowing down and finding joyful calm in sleep, and in life, than now – a time when laying low isn’t only crucial for your health but our collective health too.

So, sweeten up the last days of this stay-at-home summer in three simple steps:

  1. Pull up your Napsicle
  2. Enjoy your Hyppo popsicle
  3. Snuggle up for a late summer slumber
girl with napsicle

Curious about what a sustainable weighted blanket designer and a gourmet ice pop maker have in common? Here’s the gist of this unexpected but pretty cool partnership.

How Shared Passions Turned Into Pairing Naps And Pops

Based on a shared passion for bringing simple, natural joys into the home, Kathrin Hamm (our founder and CEO) and Stephen di Mare (founder of gourmet ice pop brand The Hyppo) put their creative minds together and came up with this blissfully cool collaboration.

napsicle quote

A fusion of refreshing fruit flavors and succulent herbs, with the calming comfort of ombre colorways and cool natural fibers, the Napsicle bundle brings pure joy directly to your doorstep.

napsicle quote

Both our Napsicle and The Hyppo’s pops are handcrafted with all-natural, sustainable ingredients to help you and our planet find rest, relaxation, and sweet relief. Let this unique pairing inspire you to revel in the simple, stay-at-home pleasures of popsicles on the porch and siestas on the sofa – sweet synonyms of summer.