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How to Wash a Weighted Blanket for Kids

Machine washable and spot cleanable, our weighted blanket for kids makes it easy to wipe away any little accidents that might happen throughout the day and night. Read more to learn how to clean and care for your Nappling.

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket for Kids


Our weighted blanket for children, The Nappling, is machine washable (up to 30℃) and on the delicate or permanent-press setting.

The Nappling is also dryer-friendly! Simply tumble dry low (twice if necessary). Please don’t hang your Nappling on anything or its hand-knit loops could get stretched out.

When cleaning your Bearaby weighted blanket, use a gentle and eco-friendly detergent without any bleach, and try to skip the fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Did you know?
The earliest washing machine was actually the scrub board, which was invented in 1797. Until the late 1800s, home washing machines were all hand-powered, talk about elbow grease!

Kids are messy, we know. They have a tendency to play hard, and rarely remember what items they’re supposed to be ‘gentle with’. That’s why when we designed our weighted blanket just for children, we knew we had to make it easy to clean, so children can use it however they please, and parents won’t be left with a mess.

Our weighted blankets are all lovingly hand-knit, but they can still be machine washed at home, no problem.

How Do You Wash A Weighted Blanket At Home?

Since kiddos like to play hard, we know that their weighted blanket might need a good clean once in a while, to keep it fresh and snuggly. The good news is, every Bearaby weighted blanket can be washed and cared for at home, including our newest, littlest, and dare-we-say-cutest weighted blanket for children, The Nappling.

We recommend washing your Nappling separately in cool or warm water (max 30 °C), selecting either the delicate, gentle cycle or permanent-press cycle. Make sure your Nappling is washed separately from other items - we don’t want any red sock accidents!

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Is It Safe To Put My 8 Pound Weighted Blanket In My Washing Machine?

The short-answer: most likely, yes! But, if you have an older machine, or one that uses a center column agitator, you may want to head to the laundromat to avoid damaging your Nappling. (Or your older machine, which may not like the weight of the blanket.)

Can I Put My Weighted Blanket In The Dryer?

Yes! After washing your Nappling, you can tumble it dry on low. Keep in mind that two or more drying cycles might be needed, depending on your machine, to dry it out completely.

Please avoid hanging your blanket to dry, as it can damage your Nappling’s lovely loops.

What Kind Of Detergent Should I Use With My Weighted Blanket? Can I Use Fabric Softener?

Since our weighted blanket for children is made from organic cotton, it's best to use a mild detergent and avoid any harsh chemicals, so skip the bleach, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets. A simple detergent is good enough to get your Nappling spotless, and Mother Earth will be thankful, too

We happen to be fans of eco-friendly soaps like Mrs. Meyer’s or Method green laundry detergents, but use whatever planet-kind brand you’re comfortable with!

Remember, even though they may sound like a good idea, fabric softener or dryer sheets can damage your blanket, are often filled with chemicals, and are really bad for the environment (not to mention, sensitive skin). Your blanket should stay soft enough the natural way - cold water wash, low heat tumble dry, and as gentle handling as your kiddos can manage.

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How Often Should I Machine Wash My Children’s Weighted Blanket?

If you use weighted blanket daily with a sheet underneath, you may want to wash it once per month. If you only use it occasionally, try airing it out frequently and washing 4-5 times per year.

Keep reading to find out what to do if you spill on the blanket! You can easily spot clean and treat spills without the need for a full wash cycle.

What Materials Do You Use In Your Weighted Blanket For Children?

There are absolutely no fillers in our weighted blankets, so you never have to worry about a blanket tearing while your kid is using it, and watching plastic beads spill out everywhere and make a huge mess! There are zero artificial materials in our Bearaby weighted blankets - just layers and layers of natural fabrics that are cozy and cooling at the same time.

The Nappling is made from 100% organic, sustainably-farmed cotton. And that’s it, simple!


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Can My Children Share Their Weighted Blanket With Our Pet?

We’ve gotten a lot of photo evidence that dogs and cats love weighted blankets just as much as humans do!

Of course, we all know what happens when a sheddy pet starts cozying up to your favorite homegoods: pet hair everywhere.

If your dog or cat has added an extra layer of hair to your weighted blanket, we’ve found a lint roller does the trick to pull off the excess fur and keep your blanket looking fresh.

When it's time for a more thorough job, you can wash the blanket or comforter in cold water, like usual. After a tumble dry, use the lint roller again once it’s completely dry. This should remove the maximum amount of pet hair without damaging your weighted blanket.

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Help! My Kid Spilled Something On Their Weighted Blanket!

Well, we’re not surprised. It seems kiddos have a real knack for spilling just about anything on everything. Ice cream, ketchup, milk - whatever it may be, let’s get that weighted blanket cleaned up safe and sound, and ready for more cuddles.

For most common spills, we recommend soaking the affected area of the weighted blanket in some cold water, then spot-treating with laundry detergent.

Then, wash as usual per the instructions above! If it’s dry dirt or mud from your dog (or your child), try brushing off as much as possible first before starting the cleaning steps.

The important thing to remember is that stains happen, so try not to stress. You can always check out The Cleaning Institute for recommendations on what to do for any and all potential stains.

Which Weighted Blanket Weight Is Right For My Child?

For most adults the 10% body weight rule generally applies, meaning a weighted blanket should be about 10% of your body weight. But when it comes to children, studies have shown that between 10–30% of body weight is often preferred.

We’ve seen many young children actually gravitate towards a higher body weight. In the end, we recommend seeing what your child feels comfortable with, and increasing weight if it feels right. Weighting in at 8 pounds, our kids weighted blanket is a perfect catch-all, and can be used for little ones who love the extra weight, all the way up to bigger children who need a little extra something to cuddle them to sleep.

Our weighted blanket works well for children between ages 4-14.

If you’re in the market for a Bearaby weighted blanket for grown-ups, check out this post if you want to learn more: How heavy should a weighted blanket be?

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What If My Child Has A Lot Of Allergies?

Luckily our Napplings are all-natural and completely filler-free, meaning that the only material inside and out, is exactly what you can see. Cool, chemical-free and hypoallergenic, 100% organic cotton. Simple as that!

When Should My Child Use Their Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets can be used in a variety of ways. You can try one during nap-time, or when your child is relaxing or having some down time in between other tasks like playtime or homework. They’re also great to use if your child is feeling some stress or anxiety, to help them calm down. And of course, they’re great for bedtime!

Check out our post How to Use a Weighted Blanket for Kids for more info on how weighted blankets can help calm your kiddos, and bring them better sleep over time.

How Do I Know That An 8lb Weighted Blanket Is Right For Me? What If My Child Has A Growth Spurt?

While children enjoy having weight piled on them (think sibling sandwich) we also know they have a tendency to grow like weeds. That’s why we design our 8 pound weighted blanket as a perfect catch-all. It can be used for little ones who love the extra weight, all the way up to bigger kiddos who need a little extra something to cuddle them to sleep.

Our Nappling for children is good for an age range of between 4-14 years old.

How Does A Weighted Blanket Help My Kid Sleep?

The deep touch pressure that your child will receive from the heaviness of their weighted blanket activates certain pressure points on their bodies, which leads to an increased production of serotonin, helping them calm down naturally.

Serotonin then leads to the natural production of melatonin, which is our key sleep-promoting hormone. The result? Calm kiddos ready for a deeper night's rest.