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Meet the Bearabuddies: Uniquely Huggable, Delightfully Heavy

It’s our fifth birthday, so we’re reconnecting with the “bear” in Bearaby to help people of all ages reconnect with their inner child! Meet the Bearabuddies. Benji Bear, Elli Elephant, and Remi Rabbit are ready to help you feel secure, and grounded whenever you need a little help calming down!

meet the bearaby bearabuddies


The Bearabuddies are huggably heavy stuffed animals that bring weighted blanket benefits to life

Every Bearabuddy has an extra snug, extra weighted super paw that helps squash away stress

The Bearabuddies travel in thoughtfully designed gifting boxes, so you can send a bear hug to your loved ones from far away! 

Did you know?
Stuffed animals aren’t just for kids! Bearabuddies make comforting calmpanions for kids and adults alike.

Five years ago, we introduced our sustainable knitted weighted blanket design, making Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) as couchworthy as it is comforting. Our name Bearaby, a combination of the words “bear hug” and “lullaby”, captures the feeling of a full-body bear hug that has become synonymous with our weighted blankets.

So today, we’re celebrating our birthday by bringing that feeling to life in a whole new way!

Meet Benji Bear, Elli Elephant, and Remi Rabbit. Together, they’re the Bearabuddies: our new collection of weighted stuffed animals!

Calming Weight That Hugs You Back

The Bearabuddies are gently weighted to spread calming comfort near and far! Like a weighted blanket, these huggably heavy stuffed animals are designed to help you feel grounded and secure, setting you up for deep, restorative sleep.

How does weight help you feel calm? It all comes down to the science of a hug! There’s a reason why physical touch like hugging is important for our mental health. And while there’s no substitute for a hug from a loved one, we all have times in our daily lives when we can’t reach for a hug, but we do need a little extra help feeling calm

That’s where weighted stuffed animals come in! Hugging, holding, and carrying a weighted stuffed animal can provide a similar dose of stress relief and comfort. And just like a kid getting ready for naptime, you can count on your Bearabuddy helping you transition into a restful mindset for sweeter sleep.

women holding weighted stuffed bunny

You’re In Good Paws

In addition to the weight in their huggably heavy belly, each Bearabuddy also has an extra snug, extra weighted super paw. With this protective super paw by your side, you can squash away stress, push away worries, and lend yourself a helping hand as you rest and reset

Love In Every Stitch

Like everything we create, the Bearabuddies are sustainably crafted to help you and the planet rest easy. Each Bearabuddy is handcrafted out of 100% cotton knit and our signature tension-melting Terraclay™ — an all-natural, biodegradable clay that’s made from the earth and good for the earth.

Our weighted stuffed animals are built to last for many hugs to come. They’re also carefully stitched to fit in with your personal home decor so that you can nurture your nervous system (and your inner child) in style.


Benji Bear cta

Huggably heavy

Snuggles away Stress

Helps you sleep better

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Benji Bear cta

Cocoonable, couchworthy perfection

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Cotton Napper cta

A Bear Hug Worth Sharing

Our Bearabuddies travel to your doorstep in thoughtfully designed gifting boxes to make it easy to send your loved ones a bear hug from far away! If you’re planning a snuggly surprise for the holidays, it’s best to make sure you have time to gift wrap your package, so that they don’t see the Bearaby bear right away.

Meet Them All!

Every Bearabuddy has their very own story and their very own uniquely cuddly features. They can’t wait to meet you!

Benji Bear

My chocolate brown belly is huggably heavy to bring calm to my favorite humans! I love tap dancing, underwater basket weaving, and decorating yummy treats as the Napperhood's very own baker.

One day I overslept and thought I’d never get the loaves in the oven on time, but my snugbalanced super paw helped me carry everything twice as fast as usual. That was a relief!

Benji the bear to feel calm and comforted

Elli Elephant

My snuffly trunk is delightfully squishy to bring calm to my favorite humans! I love synchronized swimming, snorkeling, and painting beautiful murals as the Napperhood’s very own artist.

My snugbalanced super paw helps me reach high in the air to paint beautiful murals and portraits. Thanks to my flexible trunk, I can even work on three paintings at once — as long as I don’t mix up the colors!

Remi Rabbit

My long ears are soft and snuggly to bring calm to my favorite humans! I love quilting, gardening, and practicing my handstands as the Napperhood’s very own gymnast.

My snugbalanced super paw helped me set the all-time record for one-armed handstands on my first try! I’m still just getting started, but I hope to win many more gold medals down the road.


The Bearabuddies are here to help whenever you need a comforting calmpanion! Join us in the Napperhood for many adventures, plenty of rest, and, of course, lots of snoozeberry pies. Happy napping!