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What Is a Knot Pillow And What Is It Used For?

Designers can't stop talking about the knot pillow — but what is it, and what is it used for? Inspired by an Icelandic designer's seaside childhood, you can thank the knot pillow's creator for this unique, stress-relieving home decor accent, formed by soft knots! Keep on reading to find out what is a knot pillow and its use.

what is a knot pillow


The knot pillow was created and designed by Reykjavík-based designer, Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir.

Knot pillows, especially those made from sustainable materials such as rubber trees, are excellent decor choices that help to create a stylish space to nap and relax.

Bearaby's very own knot pillows, The Huggets, provide a range of sensory benefits to squeeze and hug away tension in style, as well as provide support - making them the perfect new addition to your home, as can be matched with a weighted blanket too!

Did you know?
Knots go way back! The oldest fossils of knots are estimated by scientists to be about 15,000 years old.

The maritime-inspired knot pillow exploded into the design world with its unique style and concept. If you've been searching for a little bit of inspiration, search no more! Let’s dive into the history behind the Hugget, and learn more about the calming benefits these knotted balls can bring.

What Is a Knot Pillow?

Before our Huggets landed in store, you’ve likely seen knot pillows popping up on your favorite interior designer’s IG feed. What exactly is a knot pillow, and what’s the story behind its creation? The knot pillow is exactly what it sounds like a soft, single, giant knot!

The Creation of the Knot Pillow

The first look of the knot pillow started when Icelandic designer Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir crafted bear figures made out of crocheted tubes. From there, she began tying the tubes into knots and exploring the outcome, eventually ending up with the first-ever knot cushion.


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What is the purpose of a knot pillow?

Our Hugget knot pillows are a great way to create a stylish, cozy space to nap and relax. The placement of knot pillows makes a significant difference in your interior decor - whether it be your bed, sofa, or your lap. But they're KNOT just a pretty face for your couch – they also have a host of benefits, starting from their gentle, relaxing weight!

Because of the way our natural latex knot pillows are made, they function as a natural stress-reliever for your space too. They are satisfyingly squashy, and massage your pressure points; the soft, stretchy, and squishy Melofoam™ (made from sustainable high quality materials, sourced from rubber trees!) filling of our Huggets makes them pliable. The sensory input your body receives from squeezing and hugging this natural foam material helps ease tension and soothe stress levels!

Encased in soft cotton, tencel, or velvet, the adorable knot shape of the Huggets are not just an extra cushion and a decorative accent, but also enhance the sense of relaxation in your living space.

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Knot pillow sizes and styles

Traditional knot pillows inspired by Sigurðardóttir's original design resemble a round ball made from two parallel tubes, tied simultaneously into a large knot. Other styles of knot pillow are flat like floor cushions, while some use a single fabric tube tied into a single knot like a pretzel. The size of knot pillows will also vary — ranging from a large knot pillow that look like a giant ball with chunky loops, to a small knot pillow that have the shape of a stress ball.

Bearaby's new Hugget collection is inspired by the original knot cushion ball design, and comes in a range of sizes from small to large, with each size providing unique, sensory benefits, with the same soft, stress relieving quality.

Our small Hugget weighs 0.5 lbs and is 4 inches wide. It works like a stress ball, massaging reflex zones for immediate stress relief; the small Hugget is perfect to hold in your hand when you are fidgeting, as the soft texture of the knot cushion is very relaxing.

Our medium Hugget weighs 1 lb and is 9 inches wide. It is the perfect weight to deliver therapeutic sensory and stress relief, which works especially well to keep anxious hands busy while you squash, hug, or squeeze away tension. The medium Hugget is also the perfect decorative accent - you can put it on any chair, between your other cushions, on your bed or sofa, and it will complement every interior space and style!

Our large Hugget weighs 3 lbs and is 11 inches wide. It activates pressure points to deliver therapeutic sensory and stress relief, and can be used as a lap pad for better support - just put it on your lap when you sit, and allow the gentle weight to ground you on your chair. You can also use it as a sleeper cushion for your body when you sleep, or for extra comfort and cushion on your couch.

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How to Pair a Knot Pillow With Your Weighted Blanket?

Our Hugget knot pillows add stylish texture to your bedroom or living room. They pair perfectly with a Bearaby weighted blanket to create a calming space that feels as good as it looks. Each Hugget is available in the five colors of our signature Cotton Napper - moonstone grey, asteroid grey, cloud white, evening rose, and midnight blue - so you can mix and match to create a serene, pastel-perfect palette.

There are more Huggets available in a variety of ranges and color palettes to match our Tree Nappers, as well as Huggets in different patterns, to give satisfying softness from these adorable knots that can match perfectly with your decor and other pillows

The care instructions for our Huggets are also very simple - simply spot clean your Hugget with mild detergent and warm water, to lengthen its life! This is always a plus when it comes to decorative accents that are not only playful and aesthetic, but also making them convenient and easy to use.