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What Is Tree Fabric?

Maybe you just received your first Tree Napper and are wondering just how this fabric could be so soft, or perhaps you’ve heard the term “tree fabric”, while browsing the internets or in passing.

What Is Tree Fabric?


Tree fabric (TENCEL™ Lyocell) comes from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees, which provide an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible way to use fabrics.

Some benefits include its softness and strength, which are a hard combination to get in the same product, especially in a weighted blanket. The Tree Napper is a prime example of what happens when beauty meets function and they live in perfect harmony.

Tree fabric is also moisture-wicking, temperature-controlling, and antibacterial, which means it’s highly breathable and stays clean, but you still have to wash it from time to time because, well… life and stuff.

Did you know?
Creating tree fabric uses 10 times less water than creating a conventional fabric. Help is on the way, Mother Earth!

Maybe you just received your first Tree Napper and are wondering just how this fabric could be so soft, or perhaps you’ve heard the term “tree fabric”, while browsing the internets or in passing. Either way, we’ve got you covered (wink wink). Tree fabric is one of our not-so-secret weapons in making our blankets soft, sustainable, strong, and soothing.

While the majority of other weighted blankets on the market use plastic or glass beads to add pounds, we use nothing but layer upon layer of our trusty tree fabric with the Tree Napper. The weight is all in the 280 yards of hand-spun organic yarn. We say, “Out with fillers!”


Tree Fabric: The Basics

Tree fabric, also called TENCEL™ Lyocell, is made of plant-based fiber, which creates a naturally comfortable, soft, and sustainable material. It is mainly manufactured from eucalyptus that has been harvested in an environmentally responsible way. The other steps of producing the fabric are also eco-friendly, from sustainably sourcing the wood, to creating the fibers, to dyeing the yarn. Not only is tree fabric sustainable, but it also is soothing and cooling. And the benefits don’t end there—tree fabric is also moisture-wicking, which leads to reduced bacterial growth. Even the sweatiest of sleepers can rejoice under a cooling weighted blanket made of tree fabric!

It’s Sustainable

Plain and simple, we care about the environment. That’s why we place a huge emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility in everything we do. From sourcing to shipping to packaging, being environmentally conscious is important to us. That’s why tree fabric is the perfect choice for our Tree Nappers. The TENCEL™ tree fibers are created using a closed-loop production process, which means that the same materials can be reused over and over again to create new weighted blanket.

As mentioned above, the fibers come from raw eucalyptus trees, which first lived in sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries. These fibers are fully biodegradable and compostable, thus enabling it to return to nature and be used again. From wood pulp to fiber to yarn to fabric, every step has a low environmental impact. The creation of tree fabric uses 10 times less water than a conventional material does. Wondering how they do that? A special chlorine-free solvent-spinning process recycles water and re-uses 99% of the solvent. And while you may have a notion that recycled or sustainable materials are rough and scratchy, that’s most definitely not the case with tree fabric.

It’s Soft

If you already are the proud owner of a Tree Napper, you can vouch for us on this one. Tree fabric is insanely soft, soothing, and gentle on the skin. It’s a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin, yet sturdy enough to stand up to repeat washings. In fact, TENCEL™ is so soft that some manufacturers even blend it with other textiles to create a more gentle hybrid fabric.!

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It’s Sweat-Proof

We all have experienced the icky feeling of waking up drenched in sweat—some of us are more prone to being sweaty sleepers than others (you know who you are!). However, taking a snooze under the Tree Napper does not have that effect. Not only is tree fabric soft and soothing, but it’s also virtually sweat-proof. It’s breathable and breezy, based on the smooth fiber surface of the fabric which absorbs moisture. Not only that, but you get even more breathability once we hand-knit the tree fabric into the big loops of the blanket. This ability of the fabric to regulate body temperature leads to you feeling cool and comfortable all night (or all nap) long.

It’s Strong

Tree fabric is strong and durable, which is the ideal material for something you may be using day after day. The long-lasting quality is made possible by the cellulose fibers that come from the pulp of eucalyptus trees, which can withstand multiple washes without wearing down. We don’t have to sacrifice strength for softness; the two can co-exist in a marriage of both beauty and function. Not only is the tree fabric strong in its material, but it’s also strong in its ability to retain color and softness. You know those favorite colored T-shirts you have that are now a few shades lighter than the day you bought them, and not as comfy-soft as they once were? That won’t happen with your beloved Tree Napper! The deeply embedded color pigments ensure that the hues will still remain, wash after wash. While we’re talking color, the pigments are embedded using “dope dyeing”, which dyes the yarn before creating the fabric. Conventional dyeing will produce the fabric first, then dye it, which leads to more pollution and reduced efficiency. Dope dyeing is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and resource-sparing. A material that both looks good, feels good and does good? What else is there to say?


It’s Safe (From Bacteria, That Is)

If you’re still not convinced that tree fabric is the ultimate material, consider the fact that conventional fabrics can harbor bacteria and germs, especially if you’re one of those aforementioned sweaty sleepers. Due to its ability to absorb moisture, there are fewer available resources for bacteria to grow. After all, most bacteria like to live in moist and warm places. Removing the moisture leads to removing the germs. Although this makes our Tree Napper an ultra-hygienic blanket, but that doesn’t mean you never need to wash it! (Spills and stains happen to everybody) Check out our ultimate guide on how to wash a weighted blanket for more tips and tricks.

To Summarize, It’s Superior

There is nothing we don’t love about our plant-based tree fabric! Its softness will have you wrapped up in it as often as possible. Its strength, in both design and color, will survive many cycles through your washing machine without wearing down the weaves or fading the dye. Its sustainability is unparalleled in the world of fabrics and fibers. The eco-friendly, closed-loop production process and dope dyeing system means that there is minimal impact on our environment. Lastly, its ability to keep moisture at bay means that bacteria don’t stand a chance. After using a Bearaby blanket made of tree fabric, you’ll never look back.