Throw Pillows

Designed to soothe your senses and suit your style.

  • Hugget

    From $29

    A stress-relieving knot pillow to delight the senses. Skillfully hand-knotted from responsive, plant-based Melofoam™.
  • Cuddler

    From $199

    A soothing body pillow that melts away tension, made with plant-based Melofoam™.
  • Cuddling

    From $89

    A soothing bolster pillow for ergonomic support anywhere, anytime, made with plant-based Melofoam™.

The best throw pillows are more than decorative! Beyond adding color pops and stylish accents to your home, they provide ergonomic support, sensory benefits, and  an added dimension of calming comfort. Our throw pillows come in several different shapes and sizes to suit your space, but they have a few things in common: they’re all sustainably made, stylishly designed, and super soothing.

Every Bearaby throw pillow gets its satisfyingly squashy texture from GOLS-certified organic Melofoam™. Melofoam™ is made by tapping sap directly from organic hevea trees in Sri Lanka, which is collected in coconuts and gently steamed to produce a spongey, airy foam. This zero-waste process creates a fully biodegradable material, and the hevea trees continue growing and absorbing CO2 post-harvest.


Frequently Asked Questions

A throw pillow is a cushion-like, decorative pillow that adds dimension, texture, and support to your home. Typically arranged on couches or armchairs, throw pillows come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be a great way to create cozier, comfier rooms.

It’s as simple as it sounds: throw pillows are called throw pillows because you throw them on the couch! Since most throw pillows are designed to create a welcoming, homelike atmosphere, they don’t need to stay in one particular arrangement in order to look good and feel comfortable.

Not all throw pillows are created equal. Some are designed to be purely decorative, while others are also functional and comfortable for napping and lounging. Some throw pillows, like our Hugget knot pillows, can even be held and squeezed like a stress ball!

Throw pillows come in all different shapes and sizes, including rectangular, square, and round. Our Cuddling bolster pillow is a cylinder throw pillow, while our Hugget knot pillows are a unique knotted throw pillow shape.

Every Bearaby throw pillow is made of all-natural, GOLS-certified organic Melofoam™: a satisfyingly squashy foam made out of sap tapped directly from rubber trees. This foam is then encased in covers made of sustainable textiles such as organic cotton, organic Belgian flax linen, and GRS-certified recycled eco-velvet.