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Bearaby - Weighted Blanket
How does it work?

Weighted bedding

Medical research has shown that sleeping under weight makes us sleep and feel better. It’s simple: we add weight into our comforters to give you the deepest, most restful sleep.

Sleeping under weight

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Based on proven medical research surrounding Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), we’ve used fine glass sand to provide just the right weight.

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The body-contouring design enhances surface area contact and ensures that the weight of the comforter is distributed evenly across the body.

How Bearaby Blanket Works
Science and benefits

Simple Science.
Epic Sleep.

The simple science of sleeping under weight goes back to Deep Touch Pressure therapy, which is highly beneficial for the body.


The Happy Hormone

Increased Serotonin

Serotonin is the main chemical in the brain that regulates sleep, relaxation, mood, memory and learning. Studies show that most people in today’s fast-paced world have low serotonin.


The Sleep Hormone

Increased Melatonin

Melatonin is the hormone that tells your body when it's time to sleep. When Serotonin naturally converts into Melatonin the body takes the cue to rest and relax.


The Stress Hormone

Decreased Cortisol

Cortisol is also called Stress Hormone. Studies show that the use of weighted bedding can decrease cortisol levels, easing tension in mind and body.

What the Scientists say


63% reported lower anxiety after using a weighted blanket.

Occupational Therapy and Mental Health


Participants had improved sleep, where they felt more refreshed in the morning.

Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders


Sleeping with a weighted blanket significantly reduces cortisol during night time sleep, reducing sleep dysfunction, pain and stress.

Journal of Complementary Medicine
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The Napper

Our materials up close

We found a way to spin layered fabrics into a soft and chunky, firm yarn. The layers create an evenly distributed weight which, coupled with its hand-knitted design, makes the Napper a beautiful, functional addition to the home.

Shop the Napper ↗ From USD 249
Dog under Bearaby Blue Napper
Cotton Napper - Perfect Weighted Blanket for Children
Weighted Knit Blanket
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Purely Organic Cotton.

Through our innovative layering technique we naturally incorporate weight into a super-soft, firm vegan yarn without using any artificial filling material.

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The Sleeper

Our materials up close

The Bearaby Sleeper is made of the finest natural materials inside and out, from the organic fabrics of the cover to the all-natural eucalyptus fibres of the lining. Coupled with our patented breathable design and unique body contouring weight system, it guarantees a better night’s sleep from day one.

White Weighted Comforter
Calming Glass Sand - Material Used Inside and Out

Calming glass sand

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Calming glass sand

Our unique glass sand filler is held within the lustrous fibers of the comforter, meaning that the calming effect of the sand’s weight can be experienced, without the sensation of being weighed down.

Body Contouring Design - For Evenly Weight Distribution

Body contouring design

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Body-contouring design

The unique design enhances the surface area contact and ensures that the weight of the comforter is distributed evenly across the body.

Weighted bedding re-invented

Weighted Bedding Re-invented

Our air-channels are made with athletic textiles used in endurance sports to ensure comfort.

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Weighted with fine glass sand.

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Patented breathability through air-channels.

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Body-contouring design enhances surface area of the weight.

weight is right for me?

One weight does not fit all. The weight of your Sleeper should be approximately 10% of your body weight, but it’s okay to round up to the next weight. There are other factors—like your lifestyle and sleep habits—that also determine which Sleeper is right for you.

Our simple quiz will help you find the Sleeper that matches your needs.

Personalize your Sleeper ↗
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Sleeper Sheets

Ultra-soft sheets

The Sleeper Sheets are created to fit your Sleeper perfectly. Our new collection of sheets are made out of smooth, breathable Eucalyptus fibers. If you thought your comforter felt soft before, wait until you touch these sheets!

Biodegradable Weighted Blanket Cover
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Fabric blend made in heaven

Long-stable organic Cotton and the smooth Sateen Tencel weave make a heavenly fabric blend. It’s not only ultra-soft but also fully biodegradable, and uses 90% less water during production than other fabrics.

360 Degree Zipper Cover for Weighted Sleeper
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360 degree zipper

The 360 degree zipper opens the cover fully, making it easier than ever to change the sheets.

Bearaby’s Premium Pillowcase
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A Good Case

Our premium pillowcase completes the look and feel of your new luxury bed and it’s super-soft and hypoallergenic, just like the rest of the set.

How to use
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