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Why Weighted Blankets For Toddlers Aren’t Safe

When is it safe to start snuggling under weight? Our weighted blanket for kids, the Nappling, is only suitable for kids aged four years and older. Let’s learn more about why it’s not safe for toddlers to use weighted blankets.

Many deemed weighted blankets another fleeting fad, but these natural sleep supporters are steadily becoming bedroom staples. And because sleep is a whole family affair, questions about how to safely use weighted blankets for kids are often asked.

As with all things kid-related, safety first! Our best weighted blanket for kids, the Nappling, is safe to use for kids aged four years and older – younger children will, unfortunately, have to wait their turn when it comes to sleeping under weight.

weighted blanket for toddler

Let’s provide a few explanations why sleeping with a weighted blanket isn’t safe for toddlers and babies, and look at how to safely use a weighted blanket for kids aged four years and up.

Are weighted blankets safe for toddlers?

No, we don’t recommend that children under the age of four years old use a weighted blanket. Here are three key reasons using a weighted blanket for toddlers and babies is unsafe.

1. Too heavy

Toddlers aren’t yet strong enough to remove a heavy blanket from their little bodies. If the blanket somehow covers their face, it means they won’t be able to take it off and this can end up causing breathing difficulties. Weighted blankets are too heavy for toddlers.

2. Too hot

Although our knitted weighted blankets leave lots of space for natural airflow, a toddler body can overheat under a too-heavy blanket.

3. Too risky

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is a major reason weighted blankets for babies are never recommended. There are an array of weighted sleep sacks and swaddlers tailored-made for the youngest members of the family. If you’re considering one of these, we recommend checking if the products adhere to safety standards and thoroughly familiarizing yourself with how to safely use weighted sleep accessories for babies.

Now knowing that weighted blankets are simply too heavy to be safely used for infants, two- or three-year-olds, at which age it is safe for kids to start using a weighted blanket? Children can typically start sleeping under appropriately weighted heavy blankets from the age of four.

Can a four- or five-year-old use a weighted blanket?

Absolutely! The Nappling, our best weighted blanket for kids, is perfect for kiddos of four years and up. This 8 lb weighted blanket captures all the comforts of a cuddle, and lovingly cocoons your little one with calm and quiet rest.

weighted blanket for toddler safe

While weighted blankets aren’t safe to use during the earliest years of a child’s life, once your little one reaches preschool age, sleeping under weight can be very beneficial.

How can you best use the Nappling? Picture an overtired preschooler struggling to wind down, or an anxious elementary school kid feeling overwhelmed from a full-on day of learning. A natural way to help your kiddo out, is to pull up a Nappling. Gently drape it over your child’s body and see how a sense of calm and relaxation helps them drift off to sleep.

When first using a weighted blanket, pull it up slowly from the lower half of the body, up to the shoulders. Ask your child how it feels and be sure to check for any signs of discomfort the first few times they’re using it.

If you want to make sure you're choosing the right blanket weight for yourself and for your kids, the general rule of thumb is that a weighted blanket should be around 10% of your total body weight, ideally even a pound or two more.

How heavy should a weighted blanket ideally be?

Our 8 lb weighted blanket is best suited to children between the ages of four and fourteen.


the nappling

Ultra soft, calm cuddles

Made from all natural organic cotton

Helps little minds to switch off & rest

Sounds Dreamy

For adults, here’s a handy weighted blanket weight chart to guide you:

weight table


• Weighted blankets aren’t safe for infants or toddlers. We recommend using our weighted Nappling for kids aged four years and older.

• The ideal weighted blanket weight is around 10% of your body. For older children, teenagers and adults, it’s safe to even go a little bit heavier.

• A weighted blanket is a natural way to help young bodies calm down and settle-in for soothing sleep – with ease.

Did you know?
Toddlers need about eleven to fourteen hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Wouldn’t it be great if us grownups could spend all that time snoozing too?!


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