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Sleeper Covers

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Cool, breathable and wonderfully soft sheets made just to fit the Sleeper.
weighted comforter cover
Sleeper Covers
Color: Grey
Size: King (94”x78”)

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No fillers, just
organic cotton

Perfect for all

Evenly weighted
for deeper sleep


Everything you need to know

Sheets details

A two part set, which features a wonderfully cooling and incredibly soft TENCEL duvet cover made to perfectly fit the Sleeper.

The weighted comforter cover features handy corner ties, which allow you to attach your Sleeper and keep it from shifting around.

Also included are 2 matching TENCEL pillowcases in standard US sizing. See specs for details.

50% TENCEL, 50% organic cotton

Made from a highly breathable and super-soft blend of sustainable tree fabric TENCEL and 100% organic cotton, these weighted blanket covers are light and airy, soft to the touch and very easy to keep clean.

This weighted blanket cover set can be washed in warm water (up to 40°C) on a regular wash cycle.

Tumble dry low.

Note: We always recommend washing on an eco setting at 30°C, as it uses less energy and is much better for the planet.

Queen weighted comforter cover (includes 2 pillow case covers)
77" × 81"

King weighted comforter cover (includes 2 pillow case covers)
97" × 81"


Cool and calm for the body and mind

When an evenly dispersed weight is placed on the body, natural hormones are released that calm you down, help you feel relaxed and let you drift into dreamland.


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