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Bearaby x West Elm New Napper Colors In Store

Bearaby has teamed up with West Elm for two reasons. One, we share the same values. Sustainability, social responsibility, innovative design, and a dedication to handmade craftsmanship are all part of our DNA.

Bearaby x West Elm New Napper Colors In Store


Partnering up with West Elm was a “no-duh” decision because we share the same values— sustainability, social responsibility, innovative design, and handmade craftsmanship for starters.

Like many of the products you find in West Elm, our Napper is unique to the weighted blanket category as it’s both design-forward and chic, or so we’ve been told…

We collaborated with West Elm to come up with three new colors for both the Tree Napper and Cotton Napper. The Tree Napper’s lush hues were inspired by natural elements, while the Cotton Napper’s were inspired by interior design elements.

>Bearaby officially became a brand only about 11 months before we launched our partnership with West Elm. Our birthday is December 6th, so feel free to send us gifts.

Bearaby has teamed up with West Elm for two reasons. One, we share the same values. Sustainability, social responsibility, innovative design, and a dedication to handmade craftsmanship are all part of our DNA. Oh, and we’re both all about hanging at our comfy-cozy, well-decorated homes.

Two, because of YOU… our napthusiasts! A primary driver of our partnership was to offer people—those familiar with the brand and those not so much—the opportunity to experience in-person the Tree Napper and Cotton Napper in gorgeous new colors. Now, anyone can pop right into their nearest West Elm and find us in the Cozy Corner.

Although the partnership seems pretty straight-forward based on the above, there’s a lot more to it, and we’d love to fill you in on all the deets…

A Match Made In Dreamland

Bearaby and West Elm have a lot in common, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to our napthusiasts. Having similar values and beliefs is what a perfect partnership is all about. Based on those mutual beliefs, a fruitful relationship was born, and continues on. From the beginning, we both knew our partnership had legs (not restless legs, of course). And we’re excited to see where it goes from here!

Superior Quality. Innovative Design.

Creating our feature product, the Napper, was anything but easy. However, it was most certainly worth it. Not only is there no need for material fillers, but unlike most weighted blankets, it presents extremely well—it’s pretty much a chunky-knit blanket that comes in a vast range of beautiful colors, and happens to be weighted Every Napper is made with organic yarn—yards and yards of it—over 280 yards, which is about the height of the Eiffel Tower! But there’s more to its unique beauty that catches the eye, pulls at the heartstrings, and gently puts people to sleep.

The Napper doesn’t remotely resemble your average weighted blanket, and it doesn’t behave like one either. In fact, customers at West Elm—many if which are unfamiliar with the product, let alone weighted blankets in general—are pleasantly surprised to discover the blanket is heavy upon picking it up. They also seem to be impressed as to how each Napper offers those with general insomnia, restless legs, or any number of sleep afflictions a deeper, sounder, more restorative sleep cycle, so they can feel refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the day and when it matters most.

The chic style and forward-design of our best weighted blanket is one of the many commonalities we share with West Elm. In fact, it’s probably the main reason we caught their attention. We like to think each one of our weighted blankets are akin to a piece of charming home decor. After all, why shouldn’t restless sleepers be able to rest in style?

Collaborative Colors

Working with West Elm, we conceptualized three brand new colors for the Tree Napper and Cotton Napper. The colors for the Tree Napper were inspired by natural elements, while the Cotton Napper’s colors were based off of interior design elements. The names of each respective Napper are derived from these sources as well. One of the most rewarding parts of our collaboration with West Elm was creating Napper colors that were not only gorgeous and original, but were the product of two innovative teams coming together to create wonderful new hues that would be displayed—draped over lovely couches in our own Bearaby nook—in their retail stores.

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Sustainable, Responsible, And Good-natured

We do all we can to remain in harmony with nature, and give back to our environment. When it comes to weighted blanket companies, we’re the one and only sustainable brand out there. From the beginning, this was something that was of utmost importance to us. So, whenever someone purchases a Cotton Napper, we donate an hour of cellular support to NIMA. Whenever someone orders a Tree Napper, we plant a tree. While the former product is made of organic cotton, the latter is completely plant-based, made using a material called TENCEL™ Lyocell, that’s sustainably sourced from Eucalyptus tree wood pulp. It’s from trees and for trees!

As you know, California’s once abundant forests have and continue to be wiped away by uncontrollable wildfires, leaving over 120 million trees in dire need of restoration. We realize we’ve got some work to do, so we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting started. You can rest assured knowing as you’re getting hugged by your Napper, you’re hugging the planet as well.

Hand-knit Craftsmanship

All of our weighted cooling blanket are lovingly hand-knit and done so in a socially responsible manner—this is to say we take care of our own! It’s just the way we choose to do things. And from a product perspective, we have no need for filler materials in any of our weighted blanket Nappers as the layers and layers of organic fabric create the weight naturally. That means no plastic pellets or glass beads. Our Nappers evenly distribute weight across your body with luxurious breathability.