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Bearaby’s Best Weighted Blankets

Here’s a round-up of our best weighted blankets of the season and a few reasons why each of these comfy, cozy, and oh-so-classy naptime companions deserve a top spot on any best weighted blanket list.

Bearaby’s Best Weighted Blankets


Here’s a round-up of our best weighted blankets to help you find the Napper that’s best for you.

Our weighted blankets for adults come in two versions – the Tree Napper and the Cotton Napper – and are available in 15 lb, 20 lb, and 25 lb weight categories. Each Napper also comes in five blissfully beautiful colors.

The Nappling is our littlest (and by far the cutest!) weighted blanket and made especially for kids. It weighs about 8 lbs, and we simply can’t get enough of the cool Confetti colorway!

Did you know?
Tencel – the fabric used to make our ultra-cool Tree Napper – is made in a zero-waste, closed-loop process that uses ten times less water than most other textile production methods, and it’s biodegradable on land and in water. Responsible, sustainable, planet-hugging manufacturing at its best!

With so many weighted blanket options on the market, figuring out which weighted blanket benefits you the most, can be confusing.

We made this a little easier by rounding up our top weighted blankets, for adults and kids, and the reasons we recommend each of these comfy naptime companions.

Read through this round-up to find your ideal weighted blanket. Pick a color, choose your blanket weight (we’ll guide you on that too) – and it’s off to dreamland, you go!

Before we find out which ones are best, let’s look at what a weighted blanket is.

All About Our Weighted Blankets

First things first: what is a weighted blanket, exactly?.

A weighted blanket is a therapeutic blanket that can help improve sleep, ease anxiety, and relieve stress.

Conventional weighted blankets contain fillers, like pellets or beads, sewn into the blanket fabric to make it heavy.

Our weighted blankets defy convention: they’re filler-free! We use nothing but layers of natural, breathable fabric and a chunky-knit design to bring you the best weighted blankets for deeper sleep.

Your age, size, and personal sleep preferences will all help you decide which weighted blanket is best for you.

Bearaby’s Best Weighted Blankets For Adults

What is the best weighted blanket for grownups? Well, we think our Nappers are top-notch but don’t just take our word for it! The experts over at SleepFoundation agree that we make the best weighted blanket.


Our Napper also rests at the top of Tuck’s best weighted blanket list. Tuck is one of the most reputed sleep product sites and we’re over the moon our Napper made the cut as the editor’s pick!

Tuck Best Weighted Blanket Award

Let’s uncover why both our weighted blankets for adults are top-notch choices.

Which Bearaby is best?

Lots of people ask us about the differences between our weighted blankets: Tree Napper vs. Cotton Napper, Cotton Napper vs. Velvet Napper, Tree Napper vs. Velvet Napper … the list goes on and on! We’ve created this handy table to help.

Tree Napper vs. Cotton Napper vs. Velvet Napper

With the introduction of our kids weighted blanket, plenty of people also want to hear about the benefits of the Nappling vs. Cotton Napper. The Nappling is a version of the Cotton Napper designed specially for kids! The lighter weight options and smaller dimensions make it a perfect weighted blanket for little ones four and up — and it’s even Parent Tested, Parent Approved.

Napper vs. Nappling

Which is best for all year?

The Cotton Napper

The Cotton Napper is our best option for all-year use, since it’s made from buttery-soft organic cotton in our signature breathable design. It’s also one of the best weighted blankets for anxiety and improving sleep, and it comes in 15, 20, and 25 lb weight categories.

The Cotton Napper is a knitted weighted blanket made heavy with nothing but layer upon layer of organic cotton. It gently and evenly distributes weight across your body, mimicking the effects of a full-body hug, and flushing your brain with the happy hormone serotonin. At the same time, it curbs high levels of cortisol – a stress hormone that can make us restless and stressed out when it runs high.

Another useful side-effect of sleeping under weight is that your body makes more sleepy hormones, known as melatonin. Like we respond to the comfortable pressure of a deep tissue massage, cuddling under a Napper makes you naturally sleepy.

Cotton Napper

  2249 Reviews
Cotton Napper cta

Dreamy, buttery softness

Calms body & mind for deeper sleep

Hand-knitted huggable comfort

It's Napper Time
Cotton Napper cta

What colors does the Cotton Napper come in?

Our classic Cotton Napper color palette includes Midnight Blue, Evening Rose, Moonstone Grey, Asteroid Grey, and Cloud White, with limited edition color drops popping up for special occasions throughout the year!

The cozy Cotton Napper comes in five classy shades, all-year-round. Pick your favorite from this color palette and let the Napper transform your bed, or couch, into a sanctuary of deeper sleep.

Which is best for hot sleepers?

The Tree Napper

The Tree Napper is our top-rated weighted blanket for sweaty sleepers. It’s a cooling weighted blanket made from Tencel – a soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking textile made from Eucalyptus wood pulp. This natural, eco-friendly fabric is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.

So, what exactly is it about the Tree Napper that makes it so cool?

The Tree Napper gets its weight only from layers of natural Tencel fabric, which is made from eucalyptus fibers. With no sweaty plastic fillers or noisy glass beads inside, the Tree Napper keeps hot sleepers cool by combining a breathable, chunky-knit design with breezy, moisture-wicking fabric

Tree Napper

  1025 Reviews
Tree Napper cta

Silky-soft, airy comfort

Made from natural eucalyptus

Ultra breathable

Get Cozy
Tree Napper cta

What colors does the Tree Napper come in?

Inspired by nature’s ever-changing seasonal hues, our Tree Nappers are available in a wide range of limited-run colors from vibrant (Pomegranate) to pastel (Willow) to neutral (Cocoa). Here’s a handful of our most popular recent Tree Napper Colors:

Do Bearaby blankets stretch out?

Our Nappers aren’t prone to stretching — we use only the highest quality natural materials to ensure that our hand-knitted loops stay intact through daily wear and tear. The loops are designed to have just enough movement that the blanket can wrap around you like a gentle hug.

In fact, we’ve tested our Nappers vigorously to see how they’d withstand machine washing cycles, and the loops didn’t begin to loosen until after 52 washing cycles – and even then, the difference was subtle.

Is a Bearaby blanket warm?

All of our blankets are designed to be breathable and allow air to flow through the night. If you prefer a less breezy sleeping experience, you can always pair your Napper with another blanket on top or underneath!

Our Velvet Napper is our warmest weighted blanket, thanks to its plush eco-velvet, while the Tree Napper is our coldest weighted blanket and the Cotton Napper sits somewhere in between.

Which Bearaby blanket is best for the environment?

Our Tree Napper has been named the most sustainable weighted blanket by Fast Company, and it’s not the only Napper that’s good for the Earth!

One big reason our Nappers deserve a spot on the best weighted blanket list is because they all get their weight only from layers of heavy fabric, helping to rid the planet of plastic-filled synthetic blankets.

And each of our Nappers is made with the comfiest, most sustainable material we could knit up!

The Tree Napper is made from TENCEL™ Lyocell, a moisture-wicking fabric made from natural eucalyptus fibers.

The Cotton Napper is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton, which uses up to 90% less water than conventionally farmed cotton and is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, synthetics, or artificial softeners.

The Velvet Napper is made with lush upcycled eco-velvet, and each one prevents 900 plastic bottles from polluting our oceans.

With every decision we make and every weighted blanket we create, we strive to bring better rest to tired minds and bodies while taking good care of the planet

girl in cocoon

How Do Weighted Blankets Affect The Environment?

Another reason our Nappers deserve a spot on the best weighted blanket list is because they help rid the planet of plastic-filled synthetic blankets. Breathable and cooling by design, both the Cotton and the Tree Napper are completely filler-free and made heavy with nothing but natural plant-based fabric.

Our weighted blankets bring better rest to tired minds and bodies but takes good care of the planet too.

ginger toy nappling

Which Bearaby blanket is best for kids?

Parents, meet the Nappling:  a weighted blanket made especially for kids. It brings the comforting calm of a cuddle, bundled in a beautiful kid-sized blanket.

Using the same hand-knit weaves, evenly-distributed weight, organic cotton, and a playful color combination of our adult-sized Cotton Napper, we’ve designed a smaller, lighter version ideal for kids.

It’s made from 100% organic cotton so you won’t have to worry about any harmful artificial fillers; simply enjoy the peace of mind that your little one is getting great rest under an all-natural weighted blanket made especially for kids.

The chunky-knit, open-loop design leaves space for airflow, so little bodies stay cool, while the weighted weaves bring just the right amount of pressure to calm busy minds and bring about comfy, cozy sleep.

We recommend the Nappling for kids four years and older, and just like with our regular weighted blankets, the recommended weight for a kids weighted blanket is 10% of your child’s overall body weight

The Nappling comes in 6 lb and 8 lb weight options and four classic, cozy colorways, with additional limited edition color drops throughout the year. Choose from Midnight Blue, Moonstone Grey, Evening Rose, and our cutest colorway yet, Confetti!

Our Olive Night Nappling was introduced as a special Earth Day edition in 2023, bringing soothing earth tones to naps of all sizes.

What is the best weight for a Bearaby?

The ideal weighted blanket weight is roughly 10% of your body weight, but going a little heavier is entirely safe and sometimes even recommended. Our Nappers come in 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, and 25 lb weighted blanket options.

weight chart

For more detailed information on choosing the right weighted blanket weight, you can head on over to our weight guide.

Which size Bearaby blanket should I get?

We recommend selecting a weighted blanket that’s around 10% of your body weight, but it all comes down to your individual snuggle preference. People with chronic sleep problems or sensory challenges often find that a slightly heavier weight can be more beneficial.

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to the ideal weighted blanket weight, and personal preference can make a big difference!

We recommend using your weighted blanket for half an hour at a time for the first few days to get used to the sensation of resting under weight. If you need to, ease your way in by starting with the blanket only covering your legs. Once you work up to sleeping with the Napper, give yourself 10 nights to get used to the feeling!


From velvet weighted blankets to cooling weighted blankets to weighted blankets for kids, we’ve come a long way since we first launched our filler-free weighted blanket design — and we’re not done yet!

We believe that everyone deserves to rest well, naturally. So we’re on a mission to create a calmer, more comforted world, one nap at a time. Join the Napperhood and help us make restorative rest a reality!