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Stay warm by layering clothing, wearing thick socks and sweaters, and drinking warm beverages.

Choose energy-efficient alternatives like reverse ceiling fans, draft stoppers, and thermal curtains.

Embrace products made of eco-friendly materials like our microwaveable water bottle, neck wrap, and lap pad. 

Did you know?
Using a ceiling fan in reverse during the colder months can actually help you stay warm!

When the weather gets chilly, there are ways you can stay warm and cozy without constantly blasting the heat. From snuggling up with a warm weighted blanket to sipping on hot cocoa, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we detail some practical tips on how to stay warm without heating

1. Dress In Layers

Instead of wearing one thick sweater, try wearing multiple lighter layers. The air gets trapped between these layers, acting as insulation, and keeping you warm. You can even add thick socks and comfy slippers for your feet. If you start feeling too toasty, you can easily remove a layer or two. Dressing in layers is an excellent tip if you want to to keep warm outside without a jacket.

2. Grab Some Warm Socks And Sweaters

When the temperature drops, keep warm socks and cozy sweaters within arm’s reach. When you wear warm socks, your feet are protected from chilly air, and you’ll feel snug and cozy. Adding a sweater to your outfit helps create a warm, insulating layer, keeping you comfortable without needing extra heating.

3. Invest In Sustainable Hot Water Bottles

Most hot water bottles are made of rubber or PVC, and need to be filled up with hot water before you can enjoy its soothing warmth. The warm water inside the bottle slowly releases heat, creating a cozy spot wherever you place it.

We’ve reimagined the traditional hot water bottle and created our all-new sustainable Snuggler. The Snuggler is a gently weighted hot water bottle filled with biodegradable tension-melting Terraclay™, encased in a soft organic Snugknit. The Snuggler is great for relieving stress and soothing cramps, aches and pain. It contains all the benefits of Deep Touch Pressure… but in a compact form, ensuring that you get heat where you need it most – without a drop of water or piece of plastic in sight!

women sleeping with heated water bottle

4. Use Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are like super blankets for your windows. They have a special lining that helps keep the cold air out and traps warm air inside

When you draw these curtains shut, you create a barrier against the chilly weather outside. So, you enjoy a warmer and more comfortable space, all without needing extra heat. Using thermal curtains is a practical and stylish way to keep your space a little warmer during the colder seasons.

5. Install Draft Stoppers For Windows

Just like door draught excluders, you can also use draft stoppers designed for windows. These devices help seal any gaps around your windows, preventing cold air from sneaking in, keeping your space even warmer.

6. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

A surprising way to stay warm at night without a heater is using your ceiling fan! Here's how it works: During the colder months, set your ceiling fan to a low speed and make it spin in a clockwise direction. This special trick helps push the warm air that naturally rises toward the ceiling back down to where you are, around floor level. Doing this can efficiently redistribute warm air within your living space, making it feel cozier.

7. Use Portable Space Heaters

Portable space heaters are ideal because you can move them around to wherever you need that extra heat, whether in your bedroom, office, or living room. Heaters work by directly warming the air in a specific area, so you don't need to heat your whole house.

Cost-effective heaters come in various sizes and styles, making them a versatile and energy-efficient choice for staying warm, especially during chilly months. Just remember to use them safely and follow the manufacturer's instructions. With portable space heaters, you will be able to stay warm in cold weather, while at home.

8. Install Draught Excluders Under Your Doors

Draught excluders are like your home's defenders against sneaky cold drafts. These nifty little gadgets go at the bottom of your doors, creating a barrier that blocks chilly air from creeping inside.

Using draught excluders, keep your home snug and warm, and you won’t have to turn up the heat to battle those drafts constantly. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to stay comfortable during the colder months! They also come in various designs and materials, so you can find one that matches your home's decor while keeping the cold at bay.

9. Consider Using A Heated Mattress Pad

A typical heated mattress pad is placed directly on your mattress and then plugged in. Then, it gently warms your bed before you climb in. So, when you get in, it feels like crawling into a toasty, cozy cocoon

You can adjust the temperature to your liking, ensuring that you have the perfect warmth for a good night’s sleep. It's like having a pre-warmed bed that keeps you snug without the need for extra heat in your room. These pads are available in different sizes to fit various mattresses, providing a toasty retreat on chilly nights.

10. Cozy Weighted Blankets

Some consider weighted blankets one of the best ways to stay warm in the winter. The right weighted blanket should feel like a warm hug – not a tight squeeze.

When you sleep under a weighted blanket, the weight applies gentle pressure to your body, kind of like a reassuring cuddle. This soothing effect is known as Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), and can help you feel safe, relaxed, and cozy. Consider investing in a weighted blanket like the Cotton Napper

11. Use A Humidifier

A humidifier is like a magic machine that adds moisture to the air in your room. When the air is more humid, it can feel warmer, so, not only does it keep your skin from getting too dry, but it also can make the room feel cozier.

12. Try Microwaveable Heating Pads

When searching for tips on how to keep warm in a cold house, microwaveable heating pads are an excellent choice. You simply need to pop one in the microwave for a short time, and it warms up. Then, you can place it on your lap, under your blanket, or wherever you need a little extra warmth.

The Lounger is a gently weighted and heated lap pad that calms the nervous system and helps you fall asleep. It is made of our signature tension-melting Terraclay™ - a great conductor for heat retention. The Lounger is a simple and effective solution if you’re looking for sustainable ways to keep your chest area warm, as you can use it on your lap or pull it upwards to give you warmth on your chest.


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13. For Pain, Try Heated Neck Wraps

Muscle pain tends to intensify in cold weather. A heated neck wrap is an excellent choice to help keep your neck and shoulders tension-free during a cold snap. The heat from the neck wrap spreads to your upper body, promoting overall coziness and relaxation.

Our Calmer, for instance, is an ergonomically designed, heated and gently weighted neck wrap filled with tension-melting Terraclay™ that provides warm, calming relief to the neck, back and shoulders.

resting with weighted neck wrap

14. Use The Oven More Often

Utilizing your oven for cooking or baking not only prepares delicious meals but also warms up your kitchen. Once your culinary masterpiece is complete, consider leaving the oven door slightly ajar (safely, of course) to let the residual warmth gradually spread throughout your home.

For instance, slow-cooked stews, savory casseroles, and roasted vegetables not only fill your home with mouthwatering aromas but also radiate warmth as they cook. Baking homemade bread or cookies creates a toasty atmosphere, and you can also enjoy pizzas, lasagnas, and delightful desserts like apple pie or brownies.

15. Drink Warm Beverages

Indulging in warm beverages, like hot tea, cocoa, or a soothing bowl of soup, is akin to wrapping your body in a cozy internal embrace. Sipping on something warm raises your body temperature, cueing a sense of warmth from within. On a brisk morning, a steaming cup of tea can become a heartwarming hug in a mug, or sipping rich hot cocoa can wrap you up in a comforting cocoon of contentment.

Herbal teas like chamomile or peppermint provide relaxation, while spiced chai or mulled cider infuse your senses with aromatic spices, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. A hearty bowl of chicken noodle soup on a chilly evening warms your body and soul, evoking feelings of comfort and well-being. Plus, it is a great way to stay warm without heat or electricity.


By implementing the 15 tips we’ve shared, you can stay snug during the colder months without relying entirely on your thermostat.

Top tips include layering clothing, utilizing energy-efficient alternatives such as draft stoppers and thermal curtains, and investing in innovative products like heated blankets and microwaveable heating pads. Embracing these strategies not only keeps you warm but also contributes to a cozy and eco-friendly living environment. Also, small adjustments like reversing your ceiling fan and using the oven for cooking can create a substantial difference in maintaining a warm atmosphere in your home.