Travel Napper

Travel Napper

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Asteroid Grey - Travel Weighted Blanket with Duffel Bag
Asteroid Grey - Travel Napper
Asteroid Grey - Best Travel Weighted Blanket
Asteroid Grey - 10 lb Travel Weighted Blanket
Color: Asteroid Grey
Weight: 10 lbs (40”x64”)

A travel weighted blanket for taking calm along wherever you go. Comes in a convenient duffel bag.

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Our Travel Napper is a breathable cotton weighted blanket available in 6, 8, or 10 lbs that packs all the comforting benefits of our signature Napper into a travel-friendly form. It comes in a handy duffel, making it the perfect partner on a trip, at work, or after yoga class.

Use our weighted travel blanket in the car or on flights for a more restful journey, lay it across your lap at the office to keep stress at bay, or go even deeper into the comfort of Shavasana by taking it along to yoga class.

Our Travel Napper is a weighted blanket designed to help you feel calmer and rest deeper, wherever you go.

Free shipping and easy returns.

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& easy returns
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The most buttery soft and breathable weighted blanket


Enjoy soft, calming weight wherever you go

The magic of our comforting, breathable Nappers, packed into a convenient duffel for relaxation on the road.

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A lighter load when you’re on the road

When an evenly dispersed weight is placed on the body, natural hormones are released that calm you down, help you feel relaxed and let you drift into dreamland.


Travel Napper Benefits

Naturally weighted with layer upon layer of 100% cotton yarn, our Travel Napper comes packed with practical and proven benefits.

Portable 10 lbsweight
Portable 10 lbs

Soft, breathablefabric
Soft, breathable

Packs into aconvenient duffle
Packs into a
convenient duffle

Folds easily fortwice the weight
Folds easily for
twice the weight

Relaxing roadtrip partner
Relaxing road
trip partner


Comfort onevery flight
Comfort on
every flight

Calm awayfrom home
Calm away
from home


Frequently asked questions

Our travel-size weighted blanket is the perfect road trip or air travel partner. Cocoon yourself into the calming comfort of resting under weight and reach your destination feeling revitalized. Our Travel Napper is also easy to take along to the office for finding restful moments at work, or going deeper into relaxation at the end of your yoga practice.

Yes! Our Travel Napper is a 10 lb weighted blanket that is light enough to take along on a trip easily but just heavy enough to deliver the calming, deep-sleep benefits of resting under weight on the way. It comes in a handy duffel, making it the perfect soothing partner on any trip, at the office, or after yoga class.

Our 10 lb Travel Napper is the best travel weighted blanket for an airplane journey. It’s a knitted travel weighted blanket that, unlike many other weighted blankets, doesn't contain plastic pellets or beads that could cause delays as you make your way through airport security checks.

Our Travel Napper comes in a convenient cotton duffel bag so that you can easily take it along as carry-on luggage on a flight or simply swing it over your shoulder on the way to the office or a yoga class. Our travel weighted blanket bag is made of cotton and designed to fit a rolled-up Travel Napper perfectly so that packing is painless.


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