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How B-Corporations Are Helping To Save The Planet

Certified B Corporations, also known affectionately as B-Corps, are organizations that are redefining how business is done by encouraging more sustainable and eco-conscious brands that are switching the focus to good rather than greed.

How B-Corporations Are Helping To Save The Planet


Becoming a B-Corporation means joining over 2,700 companies that focus on doing good in the world, from the environment to the employees to every member of the communities they serve or source from.

Environmental responsibility includes using recyclable or compostable packing, sourcing from sustainable and renewable materials, and minimizing the use of resources, like water and energy.

B-Corps provide fair treatment and wages to all employees and people impacted in the manufacturing of a company’s products, We’re talking start to end of the supply chain —empowering communities and creating long-lasting benefits to the world!

Did you know?
Bearaby is on its way to becoming a B Corporation, too! Creating a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable company is something that’s been important to us since Day One. Hope to have you onboard!

Certified B Corporations, also known affectionately as B-Corps, are organizations that are redefining how business is done by encouraging more sustainable and eco-conscious brands that are switching the focus to good rather than greed. Not only are B-Corps environmentally responsible, but they tackle social responsibility, too. From start to finish, each step of the supply chain within these companies creates a positive impact on our planet and our people. In essence, becoming a B-Corp means taking your relationship with the environment from the friend zone to fully committed

B-Corp Basics

It’s not easy becoming a B-Corp. While other certifications may look at just one aspect of a company, the B-Corp Certification analyzes everything from customers to community values to conscious environmental choices. The non-profit organization B-Lab does the certifying, and they don’t skimp on their 80-point system that decides whether or not you make it in.

The main goals of the B-Corp family, as established in the B-Corp Declaration of Interdependence, are to create a group of businesses that are working together towards making the world a more inclusive, sustainable, healthier and positive place. B-Corp companies should be on board with the idea that what we do today impacts both our generation and all future generations to come. We’ve only got one planet and there are currently over 2,700 B-Corps that are joining forces to collectively impact it in a positive way.

b corps basics

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

B(e) Environmentally Responsible

The companies that receive the B-Corp certification have a variety of impressive ways that they help the environment. Whether it’s giving back profits to plant trees, endlessly searching for the most sustainable materials and methods, or reducing water use and material waste, B-Corps are constantly showing their love for the planet.

Patagonia, AKA the first company in California to go B-Corp and the ultimate supplier of micro-puff jackets and fleece pullovers, is one of the leaders in the clothing and apparel industry in terms of their conscious environmental decisions. One inspiring move they have made is their pledge to give back 10% of pre-tax profits or 1% of sales per year, whichever is more, to environmental groups. The founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, is a co-founder of the 1% for the Planet movement, which is comprised of over 2,000 companies and individuals that are giving back their profits to the planet.

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Credit: Patagonia

Another one of our favorite B-Corps brands is Allbirds, known by some as ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Shoe’. Their environmental give-backs include making shoelaces out of recycled water bottles and creating the material from ethically-sourced wool and renewable eucalyptus fiber using a closed-loop system that uses 95% less water than traditional fibers. All of the 2,700-odd companies that have made it to B-Corp status are doing wonderful things to help improve our environment.

B(e) Socially Responsible

Social responsibility entails the proper treatment of people and their communities, whether that means employees or anyone impacted by the business along the way. From fair wages to fair trade to female empowerment, B-Corp businesses strive to make the world a more inclusive and equitable place.

A company doing just that is Numi Tea, who strives to make their business as ethical and socially responsible as they can. Numi is a leading purchaser of Fair Trade Certified tea, and they even created their own certification, Fair Labor Verification, for areas where Fair Trade isn’t allowed. This ensures that the farmworkers are paid fairly, thus empowering those communities and reducing poverty. Numi is creating a better ‘communiTea’ (wink wink), with each and every cup of tasty, organic tea.

B(e) Community Driven

Going hand in hand with social responsibility, businesses that support their communities lead to stronger economies, reduced rates of poverty, and even better health for their respective residents. Whether it’s providing grants for underserved populations, employing community members, or using Fair Trade products, these B-Corps collectively help to strengthen communities all over the world.

The jewelry and handbag company, Wakami, empowers women and communities in rural Guatemala, where the female founder originates. This B-Corp employs women from the villages to handcraft their pieces. The Wakami Foundation also provides in-depth training for women to create their own micro-businesses in the community. When women in developing countries are empowered to create their own incomes, they can thrive and invest back into their families and communities.

comunity driven

Photo by Andreas Brücker on Unsplash

Another stand-out B-Corp that helps communities worldwide is REBBL, the maker of organic and delicious coffees and herbal elixirs. Not only does REBBL source their products from ethical and Fair Trade Certified growers, but this B-Corp is also fighting against human trafficking by donating 2.5% of all sales to Not For Sale. Many regions around the globe are vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking, and the partnership of REBBL and Not For Sale continuously work to prevent and end these practices.

B(FFs) With B-Corps

We love to support other companies that are doing good in this world. While we told the stories of a few of them above, there are hundreds of others that we hold in high regard. Some of our favorite B-Corps include Beautycounter, Athleta, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Bombas, Accompany, Just Water, and Peace Coffee. We wish we could name them all! Check out the B-Corp Directory to read more about these eco-leaders and start supporting them.