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How to Clean Bearaby Warmables

How do you wash your weighted neck wrap? Here are a few helpful do’s and don’ts for washing your Calmer, Snuggler, and Lounger to keep them as comfy as can be.

how to clean bearaby warmables


Our warmables are machine washable!

It’s best to wash your Calmer, Snuggler, or Lounger in cold water inside a garment bag

We recommend tumble drying your warmable on low 

Did you know?
Our warmables get their gentle warmth only from heat-retaining Terraclay™ — so they’re easier and safer to wash than electric heating pads

Our new warmables collection combines the benefits of calming weight with the soothing effects of thermotherapy, resulting in the natural comfort of our Calmer neck wrap, Snuggler bottle, and Lounger lap pad.

Each warmable can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to provide concentrated thermotherapy for specific parts of the body.

Since they’re made with all-natural Terraclay™, the Calmer, Snuggler, and Lounger are a more sustainable option than conventional plastic hot and cold packs, and they also offer another practical advantage: they can be easily machine washed and dried, keeping them snuggly clean through many reheats.

Read on to learn our best tips and tricks for washing these cozy companions!

How to Wash a Weighted Neck Wrap

To wash your weighted neck wrap, place the wrap inside a garment bag, then machine wash in cold water using an eco-friendly detergent.

We recommend washing your Calmer separately from other items to ensure that the outer Snugknit doesn’t wear down or snag on any sharp objects.

After washing your weighted neck wrap, you can tumble dry it using a low setting to ensure that it’s fully dry and ready to get cozy.

What is Snugknit?

The outer material of our warmables, Snugknit, is huggably soft, 100% GRS-certified polyester. Like other recycled polyester products, Snugknit repurposes plastic waste that would otherwise go on to pollute our natural environment.

In terms of washing and drying, Snugknit is sturdy and easy to clean, though we always recommend using an eco-friendly detergent and low-water wash cycles to keep the cleaning process as easy on the planet as possible.

To learn more about the ins and outs of cleaning recycled polyester in general, you can check out our comprehensive guide to cleaning different fabrics.


Snuggler cta

Weighted warmth, lasting calm

Made with tension-melting Terraclay™

Safe, comforting design soothes pain

Clay Cozy
Snuggler cta

Cocoonable, couchworthy perfection

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How to Wash a Warmable Bottle

We recommend machine washing your Snuggler warmable bottle inside a garment bag. It’s best to select a cold cycle on your washing machine, and to wash the Snuggler separately from other laundry.

Unlike rubber hot water bottles, the Snuggler gets its weight (and heat) from the natural Terraclay™ inside, so it should never be opened up for cleaning, and you don’t need to wash it by hand.

Instead, you can machine wash and tumble dry the Snuggler — just make sure you keep it secure in its own garment bag!

What is Terraclay?

Our warmables get their calming weight from tension-melting Terraclay™: an all-natural, biodegradable clay that has remarkable heat retaining properties.

Terraclay™ is a star in the Napperhood thanks to its ability to retain heat and cold, and this is also helpful when it comes time to wash and dry your warmables. Many heating pads get their heat from electric wires or battery packs, while many ice packs are made of plastic and filled with gel, and can’t be easily cleaned.

With only natural Terraclay™ on the inside, and soft Snugknit on the outside, our warmables are easy to clean in your washer and dryer, which is part of what makes them a useful sustainable alternative to conventional hot and cold packs.

How to Wash a Weighted Lap Pad

Many weighted lap pads can’t be washed because they’re full of plastic or glass beads, but since our Lounger gets its weight from natural Terraclay™, it’s fully machine washable.

Like the Calmer and Snuggler, the Lounger can be machine washed cold and tumble dried on low. We recommend washing it in a garment bag separately from other items, and selecting a mild, eco-friendly detergent.

Cleaning your lap pad may also be a good opportunity to inspect the blanket for any signs of wear and tear over the course of use. Our Loungers are sturdily stitched to keep you cozy for many naps to come, but it’s always important to make sure yours is in tip top shape, and avoid using it around sharp objects that could tear the outer Snugknit.


Our warmables are designed to be easy to use and easy to take care of, which is why they’re all machine washable. Whether you have a Calmer neck wrap, Snuggler warmable bottle, Lounger lap pad, or all three, you can keep them clean and cozy by washing and drying them at home. After cleaning, you’ll be all set to warm up and wind down!