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Different Ways To Reuse Bearaby Packaging

Now that we’ve done our part by sending you The Napper of your choice in an eco-friendly way, it’s time for you to do your part: reuse your linen bag!

Different Ways To Reuse Bearaby Packaging


We love the Three R’s: reducing, reusing, and recycling, which is why we compiled a list of eight fun ways to repurpose your Napper’s linen bag in order to help you manage your everyday with a bit more ease (and maybe some outside envy…).

Like all of our materials, our linen is 100% recycled and uses zero waste to create the linen from the flax plant, adding to our growing list of sustainable fabrics we choose to use to keep up with our Planet Promise.

From laundry/dry cleaning to kid/dog toy storage and even trick-or-treating, we encourage you to get creative and find a different use for your linen bag as you see fit. Oh, and don’t shy away from sending pics of your resourcefulness!

Did you know?
The world record for the fastest 100-meter potato sack race was completed in just over 26 seconds by a man in the U.K., who describes himself as the Usain Bolt of sack racing. He’s no couch potato!

We’re big fans of recycling, reusing and reducing materials as much as we possible can. We also like to make sure we’re doing our part by eliminating unnecessary packaging and only shipping our Nappers to customers in 100% recycled linen bags, rather than using environmentally harmful and non-recyclable plastic packaging. Linen is made from the flax plant, which makes it a fully compostable fabric. The flax plant doesn’t require a lot of energy or water to grow, and the entire plant gets used when linen is made, making it a zero-waste material. Not to mention, linen is ultra-durable and can last 20 years, which afford you the opportunity to tote this bag around in creative ways for decades to come.

Now that we’ve done our part by sending you weighted blanket of your choice in an eco-friendly way, it’s time for you to do your part: reuse your linen bag! We’ve come up with a list of eight different ways to reuse it in your day-to-day life, but we also challenge you to be resourceful and think outside the bag! Have you come up with a genius new idea for how to repurpose it? Let us know via Facebook or Instagram and if it’s wining idea, we’ll be happy to give you a shout...

1. Laundry Bag

The first place our minds go to when thinking about how reappropriate reusable linen bags is, of course, laundry. Whether you need to tote your shirts and undies a few blocks to the nearest laundromat, could use an easy-to-carry bag for transporting you dirties down the hallway or down into the dungeon/basement where your washer and dryer stand, this linen bag will be your go-to for all things laundry. Oh, and it’s constructed to safely carry your dry cleaning to the one cleaner you trust with your most precious garments. The best part is, you can pop the bag into the wash along with your dirty clothes, then use it again to transport your clean clothes back to your closet. Life hack!

2. Toy Storage

If you’ve got kiddos or pups living in your house, you know that the number of toys they accumulate is numerous to say the least. Suffice to say, toys strewn all over the living room isn’t a good look, so utilizing that sturdy linen bag (you can thank us later!) is a great way to round up the chew toys (for the dog, hopefully not the kids), action figures, dolls, blocks, or games before you end up stepping on a rogue LEGO piece hiding in the corner of your carpet (ouch). Headed to the beach or dog park? Throw in some of their favorite toys for easy transport and hit the road. Got some excess sand in the bottom, post-beach? Not to worry, these bags are easy to wash and won’t wear down.

3. Road Trip Pillow Case

Here’s the scenario: You’ve got a big road trip coming up and you want to bring your favorite pillow to the vacation rental, or maybe you’re sitting shotgun and want to take a snooze. But, you don’t want your delicate pillows to be thrown in the trunk with the rest of your luggage and get all dirty and what not. Enter, the quick and easy linen bag to store your pillows during your travels, so they remain nice, fresh and within reach en route to your destination. Think of it as a safety pillowcase for your pillow-cased pillows. Germaphobes rejoice!


Photo by Agata Create on Unsplash

4. Library Book Lugger

Reading and coziness go hand in hand, or at least they should. We’re fans of public libraries because they offer tons of little nooks that allow you to read all weekend long for free and away from noisy roommates, hovering parents or lingering partners. But if you head to your local library only once in a while, you’ll want to load up on books when you make the trip. Your new linen bag (courtesy of your brilliant Bearaby weighted blanket purchase) serves as a great way to carefully lug around those library books. Use the bag to rush and return ‘em before the due date or accept the dreaded late fee!

5. Potato Sack Race

While potato sack racing may not come up in your life all that often (if ever), you’ll now be more than prepared if it does. But maybe you have a big family reunion coming up where competition runs high, you belong to a beach club where it’s an annual tradition, or your child is headed off to summer camp. While everyone else will be hopping around in their bland and boring potato sack bags, you’ll be the most stylish hopper in the race! Oh, and please let us know if you ever use it this way (especially if you win!) as we’d love to see the pictures.


Photo by Lars Blankers on Unsplash

6. Guest Room Storage

While you could always store your Napper in your linen bag when not in use, why would you? They are designed to be on display; nobody puts Nappers in the closet. So, another use of your handy linen bag would be to store extra towels or those guest room sheets that rarely get used. Just fold them nicely and all of your spare linens will remain so fresh and tidy that even your mother-in-law won’t have room to complain when she comes to visit.

7. Last-Minute Gym Bag

If you’re one of those superstars who heads straight to the gym after work, you may like to throw some last-minute exercise essentials into your linen bag. A spare pair of socks, bathing suit (if you belong to a fancy gym equipped with a spa), or maybe a resistance band or two resourcefully packed into said bag conveniently enables you a complete workout without any forgotten items.

8. Take It Trick-or-Treating

While trick-or-treating is only a once-per-year activity (unless you live in a really fun neighborhood), your kids may like to load up their loot in this linen bag on Halloween. The hefty size of this bag is sure to hold a whole lot of candy! (Here’s hoping they don’t eat it all in one night.)