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The Lay Low

Hey there! Welcome to the Lay Low blog—your source for tips, tools and advice on how to ease yourself
into a naturally restful, JOMO-full, eco-friendly lifestyle. Embrace the beauty of the Bearaby way!

5 minute read

Weighted blanket gift giving occassions

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is the one of relaxation. Life is hard, and we all need to slow down and take the edge off every now and then.

4 minute read

Top 3 benefits of weighted blankets

There are many benefits to using a weighted blanket, ranging from improved sleep to calming down an anxious mind.

4 minute read

Weighted blankets are so hot right now (and breathable)!

Are you a bed sweater? Do you buy new sheets every few months because you sweat the bed so much it stains? Or do you kick off the covers in a heated rage?

5 minute read

How long until your body adapts to sleeping under weight

Dreaming of sleeping under a weighted blanket but not sure how long it will take to work? Whether you still need a few days to sleep on it or are already sleeping under it, we’re here to give you the rundown.